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Construction CRM: The Comprehensive Guide

What a CRM is, why it’s important for construction, and why using one effectively is guaranteed to grow your business


Construction CRM: The Comprehensive Guide


Successful Project Closeout: The Comprehensive Guide

Recent publications


The CARES Act and Construction

The government’s stimulus package and what it means for a construction industry that suddenly finds itself on pause

Caleb Taylor

March 31, 2020


The Black Hole of Construction: Every dollar spent in warranties is a dollar of profit lost

The warranty phase doesn’t get a bad rap, it gets no rap at all. An examination on why so few contractors pay attention to the money they hemorrhage during the final phase of construction.

Michael Stock

January 28, 2020


The Procore Groundbreak Recap Blog

The 2019 edition of the annual Procore Groundbreak through Buildr’s lens

Michael Sullivan

November 18, 2019


Bridging the gap between construction and post-construction

The Buildr platform evolves from a closeout tool to a full-on post-construction platform emphasizing project delivery, warranty management, and facilities maintenance.

Caleb Taylor

October 3, 2019


Reinventing the way projects are delivered

We gather today to mourn the untimely death of the printed PDF

Brian Field

September 19, 2019


Why data reporting matters in construction

Data collection informs the future, and the future is sooner than you think

Michael Sullivan

September 16, 2019


Case Study - McCarthy Performing Arts center

McCarthy and Buildr join forces for Torrey Pines’ project closeout

the team at Buildr

August 23, 2019


Construction doesn’t end at closeout

One way to ensure repeat business is to deliver to clients an intuitive system for warranty management

Edward Gonzalez

August 7, 2019


Is Closeout Always This Terrible? Asking for a friend

A day in the life of a Project Engineer tasked with project closeout

Michael Sullivan

July 31, 2019


The 5 Things Owners Actually Need from Turnover Documentation

Project closeout is a lot of work that takes a lot of time. Here are the things owners will actually find valuable once the process is complete

Simon Ooley

July 24, 2019