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A (Quarantine) Walk to Remember
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"Does Big Bird know we switched this to 11:30? I'll Slack him."
Welcome to the Buildr Newsletter, one of life's few reprieves from the Kafka-esque predicament of having no more Lysol to spray your newly-delivered Amazon package that contains more Lysol. You came for the Mandy Moore film-referencing email subject line, and you should stay for this week's quarantine recs:
The Invitation
on Netflix
TV Show
on Showtime
Never Let Me Go
by Kazuo Ishiguro
Pink Moon
by Nick Drake
Food Item
Lite Shredded 3-Cheese Blend
by Trader Joe's
Zoom relic we'll miss only once it's too late
: Being able to mute yourself during in-person meetings
Irresponsible purchase of the week
: Fire TV Stick
Press "F" to pay respects
: The human-occupied oasis that your dog has no idea is temporary
It's time for the main event: links (construction and non-construction). As always, send yours to


OSHA Avenue
: In the aftermath of
last year's Hard Rock Hotel collapse
in New Orleans, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
finally delivered their fines
to the 11 companies responsible.
The jobsite equivalent of being sent to the principal's office
: Speaking of OSHA, check out
the largest OSHA fines
of the first quarter of 2020 (mostly fall hazard-related).
Last week, hundreds of construction firms had
AGC-sanctioned stand downs
in an effort to make sure that new safety regulations were being followed.
6 feet means 6 feet
: In the sequel to last week's link, here are the
updated state-by-state sanctions
on the definition of "essential" when it comes to construction. Currently, only 6 states deem construction "inessential."
Here's a look into
the pandemic's effect on safety in construction
that will surely last long after it ends.
Layoffs? We're talking about layoffs?
: Here's
a look
at some of the figures and analysis of construction turning to layoffs and furloughs (with a massive jump from April 3 to April 10) during the crisis.
The Procore and the Generous
: From Procore,
here are some ways
that construction companies have been giving back during the pandemic.
2 Procore 2 Generous
: If you'd like to register for Procore's free partner Town Hall webinar "COVID-19 & the Road Ahead" this Friday,
you can do so here

Non Construction

Happy Together
: In a rivalry-bridging forearm bump for the ages, Apple and Google are
teaming up
so that iPhone and Android users can both sense COVID-19 carriers around them and react accordingly.
In the NBA's resilient effort to shepherd us from boredom,
here are the highlights
of the first round of their H-O-R-S-E competition.
Scrambled eggs and oatmeal
? For those tired of an affordable and perfectly macronutrient-balanced meal, here are
33 delicious and easy-enough recipes
to try out.
Cheaper by the Dozen (Hundred)
: Sick of refreshing your banking app in hopes of seeing $1,200 drop out of the sky? Here's some info on the
IRS stimulus check portal
set to debut this week so you can track your payment.
a blog
written by a psychologist on positivity being paradoxically toxic, bottling grief, and why it's okay to not be okay.
: Are the stimulus checks taxed? Will I have to pay back the stimulus check next tax season? How much toilet paper will $1,200 get me? These (okay, not that last one) and 4 other popular questions are helpfully
asked and answered
Walk the Line
: Your bi-weekly quarantine walk will soon be akin to walking between stages at Coachella once folks catch wind of this bit of news. A new study found that
a higher daily step count
correlates to lower mortality across all causes. Tie up those shoelaces and don your innocuous, gang-unaffiliated bandana!
Quarantine Hero
: James Blake performed
another Instagram at-home show
, this time featuring covers of Ray Charles, Roberta Flack, and Joy Division.
Bat-Borne Begins
: A half-dozen novel coronaviruses
were just detected
in bats (nature's troublemakers) in Myanmar. Stocks for bats and the word "novel" have dropped dramatically this year.
The latest sales on headphones, laptops, and
more deals
this week, for those that got their stimulus checks or haven't bothered checking and assume they did.
Here are
7 ways
of working that Zoom has given us that will be staples of worklife long after this pandemic ends. "Using a Zoom recording of yourself as your own background to fake your own attendance" is somehow not one of them.
That's all for today. We'll be back next week with more links and not-so-veiled bat shade. Down with bats!
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