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If you missed last night's debate, the following is a fair distillation:
As far as drawing a sustained feeling of bottomless despair from, among other things, three or more people speaking at the same time for two hours straight, the debate really nailed the heart of the film.
If they wanted to go full
Uncut Gems
, casting Kevin Garnett as the role of moderator could have only helped. In spite of some miscasts, we fully endorse the producers of last night's debate to take a crack at the
Uncut Gems
This week we’ve got an anecdote of a tech-savvy GC, Helsinki goes full timber, and some good news that John Krasinski can’t sell off for a quick buck—let’s get into the links.


Construction Dive
reports some finally uplifting post-COVID-19 news:
starts, jobs, and backlogs all saw sizable increases
last month. According to Dodge Data & Analytics and Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), the construction industry has officially rebounded from COVID-19
better than any other industry
Nonresidential construction rose 16%
Nonbuilding (including infrastructure) construction rose 40%
59% of jobs lost due to COVID-19 were regained (as of July)
Backlog rebounded to 8 months (as of August)
Construction’s at 8.9% unemployment (vs. 10.2% national average)
ABC chief economist Anirban Basu
that August’s stats provided, “a much-needed respite from gloom and doom.”
Neither gloom nor doom could be reached for comment on this vicious dagger by Basu. The backlog rebound is crucial above all else, as July’s backlog recession made many do the universal index-finger-yanking-the-tight-collar gesture, which pantomimed that perhaps the worst was yet to come. It’s a time to rejoice as (knocks on wood) the worst is behind us—as long as backlog continues to flaunt its Dennis Rodman-level rebounding ability.
This summer,
Windover Construction
brought the heat to some of their academic clients by
planning, budgeting, permitting, and constructing
isolation housing for schools in just a few months. Through some nifty reality-capturing techniques involving BIM/MEP and 4D animation, Windover was able to build 3D models of tentative structures, then execute construction based on educated geographic logic. This 4D/3D gameplanning made it possible to net the adequate permits in such a tight turnaround.
Back in July,
we shouted out
Windover for being the tech-savviest GC on the block with their 3D modeling, AR, and prefab job completed in just 3 days that saved them nearly $100k.
We compared Windover’s ability to build trusses out of thin air to Dr. Strange crafting mystical gold shapes out of his hands. Well, lo and behold, Windover is clearly master of the Time Stone because all of these time-sensitive jobs prove time doesn’t seem to apply to them.
In case you missed the
here it is in all its glory
. Buildr co-founder Caleb Taylor broke down some closeout strategies with Levelset’s Michael Williams to not only get teams paid faster but to go above and beyond for your clients. Be sure to check out Levelset’s
helpful guide on retainage
for everything you need to know about navigating cash-pains in an occasionally cash-strapped industry.
takes us on a walk down memory lane
with some job site photos
of some of the most famous American staples ever photographed mid-construction including the Smithsonian, the Statue of Liberty, New York’s subway system, and many (Mount Rush) more.
Construction Executive
’s blog, “
Money Talk: The Cost of Renovation Verses New Commercial Construction
,” breaks down how variables like investment return and project time frame dictate high level decision-making. If only we could get our hands on that megaphone that shot out dollar bills in the blog's header image, we wouldn’t even have to choose.
Construction Global
delves into why
the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs
and its (deep breath) Predictive Powertrain Control, MirrorCam, Sideguard Assist, and Active Brake Assist help make the case for the vehicle being the premier hauler for job sites. With that many proper noun features, this thing establishes its dominance before it's left the lot.
Construction Junkie
, here’s
a 3-minute timelapse
of the Mortenson/McCarthy co-op Allegiant Stadium from shovel to substantial completion. Now if only we were allowed inside. Speaking of which, enjoy the just-dropped twelfth episode of Mike Rowe's
From The Ground Up
The B1M
, check out how Finland is
literally taking mass timber to new heights
as the country implements the most highly trending material in the industry to get a few steps closer to making Helsinki a completely wooden city.
Pinocchio has entered the chat


My Wife
: In
stunning news
we didn’t realize we needed, there’s a
sequel that will drop on Amazon Prime in November.
The Bling Ring
: In
, Amazon’s Ring drone memorizes your home’s layout and does patrols for you when you’re away. We’re slightly more afraid of the dystopian undertones of this floating spy than any two-bit robber. Hopefully an intruder would be thoughtful enough to steal our Amazon Ring.
Trick or Eat
: We’re buying a bunch of candy
whether there’s trick or treating or not
because we’re adults, we’ve been stuck in quarantine, and we really need this. Did you see that commercial during the Stanley Cup (shout out to Tampa Bay taking the trophy) suggesting we put our Reese’s cups in the freezer? Who are we to argue with that commercial?
Free 99
: Here’s
a cool infographic
that explains all the little psychological tricks that stores use to make you spend more money. Who knew the numbers after a decimal point could be so devious?
It’s a bird, it’s a plane
: It’s
a list of 34 super foods
and what makes them so super (no offense to muggle foods, i.e., frozen Reese’s cups).
Incorrect password
: Intel on
the glitch
that caused everybody to be locked out of their Teslas for an hour last week. Elon Musk can split stocks like atoms and name his children math problems, but he can’t crack two-factor authentication yet.
Band of Brothers
: We needed this at the beginning of quarantine before our resistance bands wore down to shadows of their former selves.
Here are a bunch of band exercises
with helpful GIFs, if you’re still as germaphobic of gyms as we are.
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PS Special shout outs to Zendaya,
, and
for their well-deserved Emmy wins (you know, in case Zendaya and the casts and crews of both of those shows keep up with the latest construction tech news and notes).