Allegiant Stadium is the Falcon & Winter Soldier of projects
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Good morning,
Before we jump into the links, here’s a quick update on the leaderboard of our March Madness contest:
As you can see, Ben has espnfan5372477672 right on his tail. If there’s one thing we know about espnfan5372477672 it’s that espnfan5372477672 is resilient in the clutch, much like
Oral Roberts University
, the rags to riches protagonist of the tournament this year.
For those with a keen eye, SAMHARDINGERWILL, in fact, WIN. This is a bit of a spoiler, sure, but it’s about the journey more than the destination, isn’t it? Think about it. You watch
The Avengers
expecting there will be some avenging and you watch
The Leftovers
knowing full well they’ll be microwaved and eaten.
Special shoutout to Tiffany, the leader of the pack who currently ranks 191,000th out of 15 million submitted brackets. This is an impressive feat for someone who wants to win an iPad so that next year she can fill out her March Madness bracket on an iPad.
Friend of the newsletter and Buildr partner
DeAngelis Diamond
has quite a strong showing in the top 6 with Tiffany and Samantha (and who knows, possibly espnfan5372477672). DD is a versatile general contractor that goes above and beyond on everything they touch, so it's no surprise that they came in here and started dominating.
With this extremely important bit of business out of the way, let’s move onto the latest news and notes around the industry—


Construction Dive
breaks down
the infrastructural (and possibly bittersweet) effects
of Biden’s Build Back Better Blan (okay, it’s Plan but you know some alliteration geek in Biden’s circle was pushing for it) which dedicates $1 trillion to roads, bridges, rail and ports.
a survey of women in the construction industry
which collected and compared stats ranging from role, age, level of education, and time worked at their current company with more enlightening findings revealing the percentage of women surveyed that love their job (eye-openingly high for any given industry on a dart’s throw) and the percentage of women that think their role is changing for the better. Other results are less optimistic, such as low leadership ratios and scant mentorship opportunities.
is partnering with board member Hugh Seaton for the next
Construction Technology Quarterly
. For a better grasp of the ConTech industry at large or just a refresher on how many construction apps it takes to give you sleep app-nea (ba-dum-VIOLENT CYMBAL CRASH), be sure to join live tomorrow at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Here’s
the recording
of the last Quarterly in December, which includes slides.
Speaking of live ConTech engagements,
and distinguished
contributor Angelica Krystle Donati are partnering on a
Technology & ROI LinkedIn Live
on March 30th at noon PST/3pm EST. For what could potentially be a trailer for some talking points, here’s Donati’s
piece for Forbes
, “What’s Next for Construction and Contech After COVID-19?”
For Construction Pros
reveals that research developers
are cooking up exoskeletons
that don’t have to be controlled by the user or with apps/joysticks, instead moving through their own artificial intelligence. While this does sound like the beginning of a dystopian novel, it could fundamentally change ConTech as we know it, increasing safety and reducing fatigue to combat construction’s frequent injury rate on the jobsite. A win-win for construction and George Orwell fans.


Invader Stim
: Microsoft is giving in to post-(relatively)-COVID-19 splurging
by acquiring Discord
for a reported $10 billion. The stimmy must have just hit Microsoft’s direct deposit.
Happy Feet
: 2020 was a too-tight shoe of a year, but
the latest World Happiness Report
is out which measures subjective emotion and well-being, filterable by country. You’ll never guess who ended up in first place.
Lax tax
: Imagine our best Homer Simpson “Woo hoo!” here, as we can now put off thinking about clicking on that H&R Block bookmark for another month. The IRS
postponed tax filing
D’oh nut
: Well, it’s a huge Non-Construction links section day for Homer Simpson as Krispy Kreme will give folks
one glazed donut
if they’ve been vaccinated, get this, every single day for the rest of 2021. Interestingly, taking Krispy Kreme up on such an offer could place you into Phase 1a or 1b for... next time? (knocks on mass timber)
Pretty fly for a
: Wi-Fi is
about to go
“from a two-lane road to an eight-lane highway.” They grow up so fast.
Ordinary Beeple
: An
interview with graphic artist Beeple
just before he sold that NFT piece for $69 million forcing the internet to collectively stand up and say “Okay, fine. We’ll learn what this new acronym is.” Warning:
Beeple’s instagram
is endlessly scrollable if your home or office is SFBLN (Safe For Buzz Lightyear Nudes).
Wait for it
: Why do we procrastinate on the things that take us minutes, even seconds to complete?
This article
tries to answer that question with help from friend of the newsletter, science.
You dropped this
: Someone won the lottery and then
briefly lost the ticket
running errands. Isn’t not having to run errands and sitting very still the whole point of becoming rich?
Runnin’ Down a Stream
: With the release of HBO Max’s
Snyder Cut version
Justice League
and Disney+ dropping
the stunningly movie-quality
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
(wonder what has the bigger budget, this show or Allegiant Stadium?) we’re at peak streaming and officially never need to go outside again. Cue theater owners emerging from the shadows dressed as turn-of-the-century carnival barkers shouting “Get ya popcorn! Get ya soda pop!” Who wants to break the news to them that humans and couches have co-evolved into single entities and we can’t fit through AMC front doors now?
Unseen Gems
: Oscar nominations
but it’s difficult to gauge 2020 cinema when all we actually saw was
(great), and the trailer for
Another Round
also good
—we’re Mads for Mads over here—but that’s sadly nowhere near as meme-able as
Uncut Gems
. Here are
supposed snubs
, but again, hard to comment. We’ll do better next year.
Inboxed in
: You’ve heard that making your bed in the morning is important for starting your productivity engines. But what about the perpetually unmade bed that is your Gmail inbox that continues to get more and more unmade until the little red number on your app icon starts to look like a futuristic year that you wonder earth will even survive until. Here’s
a guide
on how to take the power back from Gmail.
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