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🏆 Construction Just Shattered Its Previous Best Month Ever?
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When you hear Vegas just reopened
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Air Phase One
: Check out
a photographic look
into New York's Phase 1 reopening this week, which includes non-essential construction.
Construction just had
its highest growth
in a single month since they started tracking this sort of thing: 464,000 net new jobs in May.
At just a 0% productivity increase annually for the last 20 years and time and cost overruns making it so that earnings (before interest and taxes) are a meager 5%—construction wasn't doing well even
COVID-19 barged in and made a huge mess.
COVID-19 accelerated a technological transformation that was long overdue, to the point that the industry will look radically different as soon as 5 years from now, like that one cousin you don't recognize because they skipped a Thanksgiving.
R&D spending among the top 2,500 companies has skyrocketed 77% in just 7 years.+ Major shifts ahead include productization and specialization, increased value chain control, and greater customer-centricity and branding.
A $265 billion annual profit pool is just sitting and waiting to be gobbled up by the industry's biggest disruptors; those who outperform their competitors will double profits from 5% to 10%.
Check out Builder's
Top 100 Home Builders of 2020
list. Note: Builder has an e. It's sort of a Michael Jordan/Michael B. Jordan thing; nobody confuses the two of us.
Silver Linings Playbook
: Tangential to the McKinsey article,
here are some avenues
where technology fueled by COVID-19 is actually beneficial. Our silver lining hats are firmly fitted for this one; there was a BOGO sale at Lids so we also got a pink Mother's Day Milwaukee Brewers hat (very limited inventory).
TikTok but for Construction
: To answer construction's classic "aging workforce + less young workers entering the industry than ever" dilemma, the Construction Careers Foundation has
launched a website
for young people to learn about potential construction careers in Minnesota.
Procore Values
: From the Procore blog, here are
5 technologies
that are most primed for growth by 2025. 3D Printing tops the list at 246% projected growth, an eerily similar growth to our caloric intake the first week of COVID-19.
Father's Day is just around the corner.
Here are some ideas
if Dad is in the world of construction (or if Mom sports a size 11.5 Keen Utility Cincinnati Work Boot).

Non Construction

Viva Las Vegas
: In this week's "news that will make Michael Jordan's ears perk up,"
Las Vegas finally joins the ranks
of the reopened.
Drop top
: Not another drop. Oh wait sorry, this one's good.
Unemployment dropped
The rich get richer
: In a Durant-joining-the-Warriors type of move,
Slack officially partners with Amazon
Nobody tell Elon
: A
planet like the earth
is orbiting a star like our sun. The moment Elon Musk hears about this, he's surely planning a mission to it. KOI-456.04, the planet's name, even sounds like a potential Elon/Grimes baby name.
Irene Tripplett, the last remaining person collecting a US Civil War pension
has sadly passed away
. This is like the friend that's grandfathered into a too-good-to-be-true phone plan where they're paying a fifty cent piece and two husks of corn a month for unlimited talk and text.
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