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Construction vs. Coronavirus - what you need to know
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Scientists: "Masks do very little."
Masks: "That's very insulting and also we're sold out now."
Happy Almost-March-Madness,
Off the bat, we're proud to announce that Buildr is hosting our first annual NCAA March Madness contest. There's no entry fee to join, Buildr customer prerequisite, or even RULES! Well, there's only one (1) bracket entry allowed per person. And clean team names only, please. And you can't write-in the 1996 Chicago Bulls to win this year's tournament. Okay, we take back the no-rules brag.
The winner of the bracket contest (hosted on ESPN) will receive...
A free iPad.
The deadline to complete your bracket will be prior to tipoff of the first round on Thursday, March 19. The championship game is April 6, 2020, which is when a winner of this contest will be revealed. If you'd like to join, click here.
If you're struggling to come up with a team name, go with "Team <your name>."
Hopefully there will be fans in attendance at these games or they'll feel like they're occurring at LA Fitness. And on that allusion to Coronavirus, might as well pivot to the latest COVID-19 news (construction and non-construction). Don't forget to send your most interesting links to


Construction v COVID-19:
Coronavirus has been a bull in a china shop lately, where the pieces of fine china represent industries. Construction certainly hasn't escaped the virus' crosshairs.
Here's an examination
of who will bear the risk of delays related to COVID-19's effect on the supply chain.
Force Maj-huh?:
Could the rarely-implemented force majeure "Act of God" clause in construction contracts cover the effects of a worldwide virus?
In some cases
, yes.
Sleepless in Seattle:
How are construction teams faring in areas like Washington where COVID-19 has done the most damage?
For now
, they're holding their own.
In some lighter non-Coronavirus news,
Episode 10 of From The Ground Up
just premiered which highlights some of the stories of the inspiring women on the Allegiant Stadium job site.
Girls just wanna have... intensive leadership training:
The growth of the construction industry is outpacing its ability to fill the workplace gap. Women may partially be the answer, as they make up
10.3% of the current workforce, and a tenth of
in field-only positions
, which is why Barbara Jackson's company
Women Building Change
is putting in so much effort to immerse women in intensive leadership and self-awareness training.
Trip Hazard:
Battery-operated equipment
is a step in the right direction
, especially over a stray cord. With lower emissions and less noise, BOE could someday defeat Green Construction's most maniacal super-villain: (ominous voice)
gas-powered equipment
Mass timber, the sustainable alternative to concrete and steel, is making news again as a 284ft mass timber-made building in Milwaukee will break the world mass timber height record once it's completed in 2022.
AR who we thought they were:
Is Augmented Reality just for larger, deep-pocketed construction firms? Not necessarily, says
this short article
on AR's valuable (and more affordable than you'd think) uses in the field.

Non Construction

Cornell researchers discovered
the secret to lifelong happiness
. Unfortunately, it's not winning the Buildr iPad (but you should still try).
Speaking of lifelong happiness, feel free to
look at
high-res photography of some of the most creative stone architecture on earth.
So there's
hard green tea and hard coconut water
now. What's next, Hard Gatorade and Mike's Harder-er Lemonade?
Say it ain't Joe:
coffee doesn't boost creativity
. This study clearly hasn't taken into account this insane beat we've been making tapping our pencil.
Mr. Grimes:
Elon Musk says college is "
basically for fun and not for learning.
" SpaceX must only hire based on how much fun you've had.
Coronavirus strategists are telling us to stop touching our faces. If you think that's easy, you must not realize you're constantly doing it, probably even now!
Science explains why
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