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Construction Wins Some Employer Razzies
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Acceptable outdoor activities favor the creative
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Dig in
: As we mentioned last week, 975,000 construction jobs were lost in April. From ENR,
some statistical digging into that number
from a survey of 817 AGC members, including which regions were hit hardest (the Northeast), the ebb in work hours (minus 2 million hours) and what percentage of contractors desire federal investment in infrastructure (43%).
Robot Dog Day Afternoon
: It's been quite a while since we've had any robot construction dog news, and boy could we use some. Boston Dynamics
released Spot 2.0
this month, featuring more autonomy, increased mobility, and 61% less growling when he senses another robot dog walking by outside.
Oh my COSH
: The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) released the workplace equivalent of the Razzies—
the Dirty Dozen Employers of 2020
sheds light on companies who have put their workers and communities most at risk (3 out of the 12 are construction).
implications and predictions
of the major labor gap within construction caused by workers phased out a decade ago during the Great Recession, workers from the same generation all aging and retiring, and construction battling (and losing) with tech-savvier industries who are attracting young whippersnappers.
In response to the Boston mayor's
new safety protocol for construction
, Shawmut has announced a robust—and what will surely be a much-emulated—
safety plan
. It includes daily health screenings, PPE, and staggered shifts (as you may remember, Boston was the very first city to shut down construction back in March, which feels like roughly 12 years ago).
Procore Values
: Procore
surveyed a group of owners and developers
on their COVID-19 outlook. The good news: 81% expect an economic rebound before 2021 and 78% think collaboration technology is here to stay.

Non Construction

Last Dance
: Now that the 10-part series has concluded and (spoilers) Michael's Bulls won, current
NBA and WNBA players react
The Last Dance
Did you know Zoom
is now worth more than the 7 biggest airlines
Images of a
social distancing Detroit reverend squirting people with a toy gun
has made the meme rounds, and how could you deny a holy water spritz when it's nearly summer?
: Jeff Bezos
may be Earth's first trillionaire by 2026
, but the jury's still out on who our first bajillionaire will be (probably Jeff Bezos).
: Bajillionaire-in-the-running Bill Gates
posted his summer reading list
(and snuck in an
Get to the Coppa
: A breakdown of
growing-in-popularity copper masks
. Are they safer? Are they worth the $70 price tag? Can they be washed? Can we fashion them ourselves out of pennies?
Zoom favors the pantsless
: In
news that shocks nobody
, pants-buying is down and pajama-buying is way up.
Reopening restaurants are using
posed mannequins
to promote social distancing, in case anyone is interested in "added whimsy," (per reopening restaurants) or "nightmare fodder" (per Buildr).
An Apple a Day
: Apple Stores, also known as Let's All Crowd Inside and Take Turns Touching Stuff Stores, are reopening with some
new precautions
including temperature checks.
garlic butter meatballs and zoodles recipe
so good that it'll surely make you posit that your inner chef's metamorphosis was the one good thing that came out of coronavirus.
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