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How The CARES Act Affects Construction
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When you introduce your dog to your Zoom-mates
Can you believe it's already 2022?
Just kidding, we think it's still 2020, but our sense of time and space is getting wonkier with each passing day. Without segue whatsoever, here are some unsolicited Buildr quarantine recommendations:
The Meyerowitz Stories
on Netflix
TV Show:
on FX/Hulu
East of Eden
by John Steinbeck
Miss Universe
by Nilüfer Yanya
Food Item:
sweet potato
Thing to do to get out of someone's way while walking outside and it seems evident that they have no intention of keeping 6 feet away from you:
move over, squat down, and retie your shoe
Take a shot every time:
Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx gesture the slope of a curve with their hands
Tip your food delivery person:
how the Beatles did everything they did in the span of like 7 years
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CARES Actin' a fool:
With Senate voting, House passing, and President signing, the $2.2 trillion CARES Act is a thing.
Here's how the biggest stimulus package in history affects the construction industry
as well as a bunch of helpful resources including applications and information on loan eligibility.
Lawyerin' on up (to the East side):
Here's some
helpful legal advice
if your jobsite is directly affected by COVID-19 including what you can do now to maximize insurance coverage, and how to interpret that ever-pesky definition of the word "essential."
Construction in WA gets sent to the principal's office:
Speaking of the interpretation of "essential," the governor of Washington had to make
a direct call-out
that most of the construction industry was no longer deemed essential (his previous statements left too much wiggle room).
An opinion-piece from the frontlines - a jobsite superintendent explains
why he thinks it's imperative
to shut down all nonessential construction immediately.
from a jobsite in Ontario
, a video echoing similar sentiments.

Non Construction

Concede to Checkout:
Has quarantining given you an itchy "Proceed to Checkout" trigger finger? Here are
some great tech deals
going on now.
"Facemasks don't work," and
other widely divisive COVID-19 myths
Sick of reading coronavirus articles (like the previous link) or listening to doom & gloom podcasts where NYT science and health reporter Donald McNeil signs off by apologizing and saying he hopes he's wrong?
Here are some happy nooks around the web
Sports, kind of:
In an equally desperate and confident step forward in cross-platform marketing,
ESPN will air an NBA 2K tourney
played by Kevin Durant, Trae Young, and Donovan Mitchell among other NBA players. Devin Booker found out about the NBA season's suspension
while livestreaming Call of Duty
, so our money's on him.
You have time:
Elton John hosted a (no joke) 12-hour stay-at-home concert featuring a hoard of artists including Alicia Keyes and Billie Eilish playing from their living rooms that
you can watch in its entirety here
Feeling pent up
productive? Please tell us your secrets.
Here are some ways
to learn new career skills for free during quarantine.
OK Zoomer:
The hottest teleworking app on the market is
apparently not as trustworthy
as we all just assumed.
Speaking of Zoom,
here's a priest
that accidentally had a bunch of silly Facebook AR filters turned on during Mass. If you haven't already done so, do yourself a favor and
download SnapCamera
to really spruce up your Zooming (if you consider appearing as a baby or a potato "sprucing up").
Keeping our personal space (Jam):
Since everybody's home and needs a new fix now that they finished
Tiger King
ESPN is moving up
its highly anticipated 10-part Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" to April.
CNN's Chris Cuomo (best wishes to him as he just tested positive for COVID-19)
hilariously grills his brother
(New York governor Andrew Cuomo) about a presidential run.
That's all from us for now. Stay tuned next time for more links and a non-ironic apologist viewpoint that ESPN's NBA 2K tournament was compelling television.
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Stay safe out there.