More states reopen construction & Outdoor Activity Power Rankings
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California finally gives horse riding the green light for acceptable outdoor activities
May the Sixth be with you! Cinco de Mayo meant nobody could judge you for having a couple extra
Costco wine pops
on your Zoom Happy Hour yesterday. But today it's time to buckle down and only have the normal amount of Costco wine pops on your Zoom Happy Hour.
Since the state of California released their list of acceptable outdoor activities, we're cautiously going outside and forgoing quarantine recommendations this week (except the fantastic Netflix series
, which easily destroyed
Black Mirror
in the championship of the Rotten Tomatoes "Best Netflix Show"
is basically a German
Stranger Things
with time travel).
Here are our Power Rankings for California's
acceptable outdoor activities list
, in order of our excitement for participating in them this week:
1. Crabbing
: There are no stipulations for how many crabs need to be caught for the activity to constitute "crabbing," thus we can theoretically come up crabless, taking much of the pressure off.
2. Soft Martial Arts
: While the Hard Martial Arts die-hards will have to keep holding their breaths, we can at least indulge in the soft stuff.
3. Gardening (not in groups)
: We're not sure what's more in need of a trim—us or the hydrangea outgrowth in our front yard. Group gardening is still on pause, but this will do for now.
4. Horse Riding (singles)
: We just have to hope our horses' feelings haven't been hurt too badly by how long it's been since we last rode them. They must understand there's been a pandemic, right? Horses are smart animals.
5. Kite Boarding and Kitesurfing
: This is the double-fun option on this list as we get to participate in them and find out what they are.
6. Table tennis (singles)
: Is table tennis an outdoor sport? It is now! Hopefully we won't have to dismantle our table to get it out the front door.
7. Tree Climbing
: This one sounds a bit dangerous, but we're excited to get to the top of a tree and gaze upon the nearest Mount Mordor-esque IKEA.
8. Wash the car
: Our car, like our horse, has been far too neglected.
9. Watch the sunrise or sunset
: The key word here is "or," so choose wisely.
10. Throwing a football (not in groups)
: The "(not in groups)" implication is that you throw the football, go get it, and throw it again. This is what Tom Brady has been doing to train in Tampa until Amazon gets around to shipping Gronk's backlogged hazmat suit.
With fresh tans from the great outdoors, it's time to go back inside for some links (construction and non-construction). Don't forget to send anything that catches your eye to


Trust the Process
: Check out ENR's
updated map of states
and their corresponding construction restrictions. Freshly joining the "light blue/unrestricted" team is Pennsylvania,
who lessened its restrictions on May 1
as more states slowly begin to transition back to normal.
Procore Values
: Buildr is excited to be participating in Procore's webinar on Tuesday, May 12 at 11am EST/ 8am PST entitled "Game-changing Integrations for General Contractors."
Sign up here
Construction Executive's
blog post
on the importance of being a digital, data-driven contractor in the new normal that will be post-COVID-19.
Here are
5 ways the pandemic has permanently changed construction
. Teleworking and jobsite cleanliness are here to stay (though hopefully not the vicious, accomplishment-hug shaming 6-foot rule).
The hotel construction pipeline
remained unfazed by COVID-19
in Q1, much like Michael Jordan during the 1997 flu game.

Non Construction

This is not a drill
: Sunday is Mother's Day. Yes, the beginning of May has a lot going on. Here are some
helpful tips for gift-buying
, including one that seems to reveal the author's omniscience: "Don't buy her a mask, she already has one."
Homebody Stop Me
: According to a recent survey, 54% of Americans want to
continue working remotely
once the pandemic is behind us. That 54% must really enjoy the novelty of Zoom bombs, having water cooler chats with pets, and constantly forgetting what day of the week it is.
Tiger Cage
: Against all odds, Dax Shepard and David Spade were snubbed to play Joe Exotic, and the
Tiger King
scripted series will feature
Nicolas Cage at the helm
. I guess it's tough to complain about Nicolas Cage finding work in these troubling times, and his last name is reminiscent of the prisoned plight of many a tiger.
Back to the Quarantine Future
: Have you noticed time moves differently now? Here's
an explanation why
, with strategies to grab the reins and get everything back to normal because we could all use a quarantine walk in Marty McFly's shoes.
Perhaps in an effort to mirror the real world's trying financial times, Nintendo has
drastically cut interest rates
Animal Crossing
, provoking mass hysteria and people on Reddit to say things like "I'm never going to financially recover from this," without a shred of irony.
Do it for the Bananagram
: Tired of buying too many bananas at once and having them taunt your well-intentioned grocery shopping with their soggy brownness? Here are
some creative things
you can do with them, including vanilla bean banana ice cream and banana blueberry bars.
For those who are still longing for their $1,200 check like that one Wolverine meme,
here are some options
including making sure the IRS has the right address on file for you.
Please, no
: As if COVID-19 wasn't enough, there are such things as "
murder hornets
" starting to appear in America. No, the murder hornets are not a displaced XFL team.
There's apparently a difference between our two favorite ways of eating. Find out about
"mindless" and "distracted" eating
, and how they affect you in contrasting ways.
Grab your popcorn
Trolls World Tour
was when a studio realized they can make more money
having their movie open in theaters, and now there's
the movie equivalent of a rap beef
between Universal and AMC.
The end. Check back in next week to see how successfully our crabbing went.
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