One year later
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This past year could really use the Avengers embarking on a clunky time travel plot to undo
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Before we jump into the links, here are the final prize standings for our March Madness contest:
1. Gary Young (1390 pts, 99.5%) 2. Mike Cisar (1290 pts, 97.4%) 3. Taylor Courser (1290 pts, 97.4%) 4. Christian Geismann (1260 pts, 96.6%)
Big congrats to Lee Kennedy's Gary Young who takes home the top prize this year. If Gary pulls an '06-'07 Florida Gators and also wins next year, he could use one iPad as a keyboard for his other iPad. Let's hope the streak doesn't go beyond two as we're not entirely sure what one does with three iPads. Wear the third as a bulky, impractical necklace?
In a
level display of theatrics, we had a tie for 2nd place between Ryvit's Mike Cisar and Johnson Carlier's Taylor Courser. As some of you eagle eyes have pointed out, the microscopic fine print around the outskirts of our contest rules a la
The Santa Clause
requires 2nd placers Mike and Taylor to don an XXXL Buildr hoodie together forever.
Now you might be asking, "How could this horrific plight be a reward for 2nd place of anything?" If you think this fate is a plight, you clearly haven't touched this fabric!
If you ask "Okay fine, but what if the person on the left sleeve is right-handed?" we say "You're right, that would be a disaster. We'll just play it safe and do two separate second place prizes."
Schuchart's Christian Geismann came in 4th but slides up to collecting 3rd place winnings due to the 2nd place tie.
To all our other competitors: thanks for playing and keep an eye out for future contests and giveaways! Now, onto the latest news and notes around the industry—


Construction Junkie
broke down the highlights of AGC's survey of 1,500 members to find
the pandemic's effects
on the construction industry now that it's (dissonant piano chord)
one year later
. Interesting findings include project delays, project costs, and employment fluctuations.
Construction Executive
posted an enlightening blog by Hugh Seaton on
the future (and present) of API's
and how tech meant for different phases of construction will one day (knocks on wood) be able to seamlessly communicate. Seaton posits that human transcription is the main reason why there's so much contech:
"The trouble is that humans are fantastic translators, because we understand the context of a plan, and the numbers in it; but we are not great transcribers, so errors creep in. The speed, expense and errors of humans as transcribers is one of the reasons why many contractors went digital."
Sometimes, yes, even the human-written Buildr Newsletter messes up. One time a bullet point was missing in the Non-Construction section for a link to "The top 100
Uncut Gems
quotes except said by
Animal Crossing
villagers as they're petting Spot the Robot Construction Dog." (this is an amalgamation of all our Non-Con links created by an algorithm).
Some in-person (!) conference news from
Hanson Wade
, the 3rd annual
Advancing Construction Analytics Conference
is happening July 19-21 in Denver, CO. Be sure to register by this Friday to save up to $450 on your ticket. Keynote topics include "Outlining an Ambitious but Achievable Analytics Roadmap that Focuses on Delivering Measurable Value to your Firm." The last time we've seen hundreds of people congregated in a single location was... well, yesterday. The chef placed an especially plump batch of rotisserie chickens out at Costco.
Construction Dive
, Suffolk hired Boston's
highest ranking construction executive
Patrick Brophy, in what has to be Boston's biggest free agent signing since Manny Ramirez in 2000. With Brophy taking the reins as senior director of external affairs, Suffolk further establishes itself as as an absolute unit in the Northeast.
gave us a quick refresher on some
tips for subcontractor management
blogged about "Overcoming
the Big 3 Excuses
for Bad Quality."


Stretch forward
: Boston Dynamics created a cousin/sequel for Spot
named Stretch
"and this time, he's got some boxes to stack."
Open and shut case
: Netflix made
a $469 million deal
for two
Knives Out
sequels, which is exciting for us and Daniel Craig's wallet.
: An examination on
the upcoming tsunami of PTO
that will essentially be a cooped up world stretching its legs this summer.
Still OOO
: The magic 8 ball into the future of post-COVID vacation spots is
Airbnb's top bookings this summer
. You'd never guess the top destination.
Golf story
: Hideki Matsuyama became
the first Asian-born man
to win the Masters.
Mo' Money
: Check out Forbes' 35th annual
billionaire list
to see if you made it (Kylie Jenner sadly dropped off).
: A
little insight
on China's new digital currency yuan, and why it's causing America to consider creating its own digital currency a priority.
They grow up so fast
: TikTok is
at the forefront
of education: "It’s fun, engaging, and people are showing up by choice, sparked by a love of the subject matter and not for a certificate or course credit."
Walk the walk
: You may have heard that walking 10,000 steps a day is the new "apple a day." Turns out you may only need
a fraction of that 10,000
Spending spree
: Much like when you blew your entire stimmy on a new Samsung 65'' then got so caught up in treating yourself that you bought a new CB2 couch immediately after with your normal money—Microsoft bought Discord for $10 billion and
now Nuance for $19 billion
Lights out
: In what is the most devastating news for maybe 1-2 people reading this, arguably less: the Arclight on Sunset
is no more
, and
close to the pandemic being over! All those precious rewards points in our Arclight membership makes us feel like someone who forgot their Bitcoin wallet password in 2012.
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