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Pandemic "golden time" for construction, says FL governor
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Pour one out for these raisins on your Zoom Happy Hour
Hey there,
Welcome to the Buildr Newsletter. We're told it's April (the stacks of toilet paper, home workout equipment, and bags of jasmine rice are blocking our calendar). Here are this week's quarantine recs:
Hell or High Water
on Netflix
TV Show
The Good Place
on Netflix
Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn
by Tame Impala
Food Item
: pink Himalayan salt
Sign-off phrase other than "stay safe out there," following small talk with a neighbor in passing that you don't normally talk to but the social-starve of quarantine has nudged both of you into exchanging words from afar
: Nothing. There's nothing you can think to say other than "stay safe out there."
Take a shot every time
: You irreversibly mess something up on a piece of paper so you scrunch it up and say "Kobe."
What to do while drinking your afternoon cup of coffee
: look forward to your morning cup of coffee.
What your dog is thinking while you do a sweaty YouTube-guided workout on the living room carpet for the eighth day in a row
: "Wow, good for them."
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Slap Mappy
: Here's a map of the US
featuring state-by-state information on construction restrictions
ranging from "construction is not a thing here, what does that word 'construction' even mean?" to "every legal citizen of (state x) works on an active jobsite."
Massachusetts, a state that falls somewhere in the middle of the previous spectrum, has
13,000 of its construction workers striking
due to health concerns.
"Prettay, Prettay, Prettayyyy..."
: If you're a contractor wondering about your eligibility for the benefits of the CARES Act, primarily the PPP,
check out our helpful guide
of relevant info and resources.
Battle of the Acronyms
: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization) is telling construction workers to donate their N95 masks to hospitals, which leaves the workers vulnerable to harmful onsite chemicals (and worldwide viruses). CISC (Construction Industry Safety Coalition)
responded to OSHA in a letter
: In more acronym and letter-writing news, FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation)
wrote a public letter
to the European Commission to consider COVID-19 a force majeure so that contractors can safely close jobsites without financial penalty. A legal expert
explains why force majeure won't apply to the US
as a whole.
Similar to
previous news
of Wuhan's pop-up hospitals a few months back, Turner Construction and Rosendin Electric are assisting Coachella Valley, CA
by retrofitting medical facilities
for areas that are COVID-19 hot zones.
Procore Values
: Here are
6 ways Procore is helping companies
during the pandemic including free Procore access and teleworking support.
Ramping up
: Florida's governor says a pandemic is "a golden time" for more construction,
announcing some freeway infrastructure acceleration

Non Construction

Location Services (On)
: If you're a data-hound, "Find My" fan, or your favorite Wizarding World magical item is the Marauder's Map, you may find Google's worldwide release of
geo-location post-quarantine
very interesting. You can search by location and essentially see exactly how seriously that area is quarantining.
2K or Not 2K
: Here are the highlights of
Day 1
Day 2
of ESPN's NBA 2K tournament, which has somehow been the sports highlight of quarantine so far, aside from
the real-life Nuggets-Mavs game
that was happening while the Rudy Gobert news broke and the NBA said to "eh, just hurry up and finish, guys." It's wild to watch some of this game, see a ton of people in the crowd, and recognize that this wasn't even 30 days ago.
Dollars and Sense
: Here are
some strategies
of thinking about money right now. Obviously,
thinking about taxes is one of the better ones.
Thirsty T̶h̶u̶r̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ Monday-Sunday
: Thanks to Zoom Happy Hours and the mindset "this is something to do, I guess,"
alcohol sales have skyrocketed
during the last few weeks, especially 24 and 30 packs of beer.
In other "things skyrocketing" news, telehealth conferencing has also seen a
massive sales boom
. Pooled data suggests you had a White Claw that was
offscreen during your doctor's appointment.
The Opposite of The Purge, really
: You know
the siren
that signals the beginning of The Purge? The Louisiana Police
apologized for unknowingly using that soundbite
to signal coronavirus curfew.
Zoom goes the dynamite
: Not all Zooms were created equally. In
a 2-minute webinar
entitled "COVID-19 Update," over 400 Bird employees were let go. Odds are
was using the potato filter on SnapCamera during this.
Some restaurants are giving away
sought-after supplies
like toilet paper with people's orders as incentives. The sheer cause-and-effect logic here makes us wonder why food and toilet paper haven't been a packaged deal even before this pandemic.
Slap Lappy
: A British man raised money for COVID-19 charity by
running a full marathon in his backyard
. 26 miles amounted to roughly 7,000 laps. A living-room workout is one thing, but this guy's dog was definitely thinking, "Are you ok, man?" around hour 4.
If your "Proceed to Checkout" trigger-finger remains itchy, here are
the best deals of the day
Verrückte ist ein gutes programm
: If you've already watched every season of
Mad Men
and looking for something productive to do,
here are 6 ways
to learn a new language for free. Learning German would be the perfect thing to humblebrag about during Zoom Happy Hour.
A study by Baylor found that students who studied listening to classical music and then had that same music playing while they slept
did better on the test
than those who had white noise playing while they slept. Data is inconclusive until they A/B test this with Bach and Megan Thee Stallion.
Stay tuned next Wednesday for more links and a growing realization that the then-insane Mookie Betts trade looks better for the Red Sox every day that there isn't a baseball game happening.
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Stay safe out there.