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👑 Procore And AGC Drop A Collab Album For The Ages
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This game's fourth ejection for spitting
Happy Wednesday,
Lots of news this week. Contrasting contractor confidence levels with skyrocketing jobsite activity. Baseball's back a week before basketball. Apples to oranges becomes oranges to oranges as Apple makes their phones look like Androids.
Let's get to it, shall we?


The USG and US Chamber of Commerce have released their joint
Commercial Construction Index 2020 Q2 Report
filled with backlog, revenue, and confidence statistics—none of which is as eyebrow-raising as the statistic that we're only through two quarters of 2020. Some major points of
the report
: Similar to our own feelings when we'd walk into 2nd grade homeroom with new haircuts—contractors' confidence levels plummeted from 76% to 50% since Q1 in expectancy in the market providing new business in the next year.
: Revenue dropped 26 points from Q1 due to COVID-19 deferring, cancelling or temporarily shutting down projects.
$$$ Part II
: 34% of contractors reported they'd made salary adjustments, furloughs, or layoffs.
: 73% of contractors expect delays to carry on into the fall.
Delays Part II
: 35% of contractors reported 75% or more of projects delayed (the remaining 65% were split almost evenly between under 10% delays, 10-24% delays, and 25-74% delays).
: The top three concerns contractors have for their business is worker health & safety (75%), fewer projects (48%) and workforce shortages (33%).
What year it actually is
: 96.2% of contractors doubt that it's actually still 2020 and believe it "has be 2027, at least, right?"
Construction Dive posted
a helpful guide
to the current state of
airport construction projects
amidst COVID-19:
Akin to the attempt at driving 20 consecutive feet at LAX, the guide employs traffic lights to convey the state of construction for each project:
for continuing,
for postponed,
for stopped.
Florida and Texas have the most expansion disruptions, due in large part to massive drops in passenger traffic (95% drop in passengers for Jacksonville and Tampa International).
AGC and Procore (the
Watch the Throne
of construction industry collabs) teamed up to
create a report
that gives us some much needed positivity, namely that construction work appears to be approaching pre-COVID-19 numbers. Some top level notes from
COVID-19 & Construction Activity - Data Driven Findings and Actionable Insights
Using worker hours to measure activity, Procore found that recent statistics are similar to (and in some states, greater than) the jobsite activity of the beginning of March.
States with few or no shelter-in-place restrictions saw less employment drops and returned back to normal quicker.
Small companies had the largest overall dip in worker hours, though have rebounded back to exactly where they were on March 1 (medium and large company hours have gone up 5% and 3% compared to March 1, respectively).
Construction Executive
interviewed some subcontractors
in regards to their "it's complicated"-level relationships with GCs that are occasionally adversarial; a rapport bordering a 'hoist with his own petard' considering the symbiotic nature of both parties' professional success. Some burning questions (with some enlightening answers) include:
"What are the worst characteristics of GCs you've worked with?"
"What else do you wish GCs understood about the trade side of the business?"
"What's the way forward in GCs earning trade contractors' trust and building strong partnerships with them?"
"When GCs leave dirty dishes in the sink, do you feel like it's passive-aggressive or just lazy?"

Non Construction

Take Me Out (of) the Ballgame
: Sorry, crowds may not be present. But July gets even better with the
officially announced
return of baseball (an olden times sport where Mookie Betts could be affordable for the billionaire-owned Red Sox)! Wrinkles include a 60-game regular season, every-other-day COVID-19 testing, and no spitting.
Apple (Update) a Day
: Here's
everything you need to know
about Apple's new iOS 14 updates (Android owners are having
deja vu
over most of these features).
: 6 industry experts
shed light
on the future of live events such as music festivals, concerts, and Broadway shows, and when (or if) we'll get to be drowning in a throng of strangers listening to what might be Coldplay performing a half mile away again.
According to research
conducted by scientists who almost definitely really like dogs, caring for your dog's psychological needs can produce tremendous positive effects for your overall well-being. As reported last week, Boston Dynamic's Spot
is available
for only $74,500.
Tolkien for Your Thoughts
: In news that prompted many a Facebook user to tag their friends with links to the application, Amazon's
Lord of the Rings
show that's starting production in New Zealand
posted an open casting call
for people with "funky-looking" physical traits including scars, unusual facial features, disproportionate limbs, and missing bones. Unfortunately, Buildr Newsletter readers' striking beauty restricts them to applying for human and Elvish roles only.
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