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Welcome to the Buildr Newsletter where we provide the latest construction news, notes, and unprompted TV show opinions. HBO's
I May Destroy You
is good.
NBA scrimmages are starting
so let's hurry up and get to this week's news and notes so we can slap on our favorite retro jersey and remember what it's like to get emotionally invested in the fates of athletes we're unlikely to ever meet in person—


According to
Turner Construction's
quarterly Building Cost Index which measures the US non-residential building construction market, construction costs are at
their lowest in a decade
Turner notes a 1.01% quarterly reduction from the first quarter of 2020—the first time there has been a reduction since Q2 of 2010.
A busy construction market, increased competition, and COVID-19 are to blame for the drop in costs. Have you heard of this "COVID-19"?
Construction costs falling isn't great news for contractors who were already dealing with extremely tight profit margins. ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu noted "the average construction firm leader is more concerned about demand for their services than any other consideration, including skilled worker shortages." More companies bidding for jobs = lower job costs.
With competition between contractors at an all-time high compounded with the bloated cost of winning new clients, ensuring repeat business has never been more important.
Executing project closeout
boosts profit margins by saving time and money while impressing clients with a turnover package and overall experience they'll be addicted to.
We could have titled this newsletter, "Why Turner is the Vision of Contractors" to keep in line with our
-themed GC analogies seeing as Vision is the most analytics-focused Avenger. We opted against it since Vision is one of the lesser-known Avengers and there wasn't an obvious emoji for him. We apologize if you're reading this and you're Paul Bettany.
A new study out of
(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) suggests construction industry employees are
more prone to health-risk inducing behavior
than any other industry.
Behaviors noted include smoking, dipping, binge drinking, lack of physical activity during leisure time, not wearing a seatbelt, and getting under 7 hours of sleep per day.
"Lack of physical activity during leisure time" is a clear euphemism for "
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
and multiple available seasons of
38 industry occupations across 32 states were studied, including contractors, project managers, trades workers, and laborers.
As is, construction is a high-risk industry due to comparatively high workplace hazards.
If you think someone needs help,
don't wait for them to ask for it
. Identifying and addressing job stressors is the first step in not putting band-aids on them.
Construction Junkie
, here's
last week's demolition video
of the Palace of Auburn Hills, longtime home of the Detroit Pistons.
With negatives like tightening profit margins, COVID-fueled costs, and the high-risk nature of working in construction, it's nice that we'll always have cool demolition videos.
"Fans of this arena may know that this is actually the 3rd demolition that has taken place at the Palace in the building’s 30-year history: the first being the
demolition of Michael Jordan’s body courtesy of the Pistons’ Bad Boys
in the late 80’s and early 90’s and the second being the demolition of several fans faces during the
"Malice at the Palace” in 2004
." We can't do better than this. Kudos, CJ.
has graciously unveiled
their new job board
for construction industry employees at a time when folks may need it most. The Construction Career Board is how Procore says they're "helping the industry get back to work."
This resource couldn't have come at a more opportune time, with $600 bonus unemployment benefits
running out this Saturday
Featured job opportunities include project managers, supervisors, executives, laborers, and various administrative positions.
This board certainly reinvents the "jobsite." Thanks everyone, we're here all week.


Rest in Power
: A thoughtful examination on
the incredible life
of the late Congressman John Lewis.
Zoom Eternal
: Surely banking on remote work being here-to-stay, Zoom gets into the hardware game with a
$599 all-in-one personal collaboration device
, because your home computer is in over its head accurately capturing your beauty and vocal timbre.
Call to the Bullpen
: With baseball coming back
checks watch
Fox Sports redesigned their app
and now sets the bar for sports apps. Fleshed out design, new exclusive camera angles, up-to-date legal explanations of new no-spitting rules—you name it. We hope the paid version gives you the ability to select which pitchers warm up in the bullpen.
Bird Box and Two Smoking Barrels
: Netflix unveiled their
10 most watched movies of all time
and it's not what you'd expect. 64 million people watched The Irishman and it's only in 6th place.
Gene Hackman
: Some fascinating details on the
insane twitter hack
last week that successfully targeted the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and 100+ others who weren't famous enough to make this shortlist.
Rear Windows 98
: Ever wish you could look out someone else's window?
This nifty site
connects you to an HD camera feed out someone's window somewhere in the world, completely at random. It took us an embarrassing amount of tries to get an apartment window overlooking Paris.
: Christopher Nolan's Tenet
is now delayed
"indefinitely." We're indefinitely saddened by this news, along with every AMC theater manager in existence.
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