See Spot armed
Newsletter cover photo
Spot is now into CrossFit
Happy Tuesd… wait.
It can’t be.
Drop everything.
He’s evolved.
Spot the robot construction dog has a new arm.
Our regularly scheduled Buildr Newsletter just turned into a running diary of
Boston Dynamics’ 5 million view video
- Not one to beat around the bush, BD starts the video without so much as a fade-in, opting instead to throw us into the boiling vat of realization: Spot's got an arm.
- With Spot’s new superpower, we can finally unwind a little in our cozy Waltham, MA homes, leaving our undergarments just strewn about here and there. Every pair of underwear that Spot picks up chips away at that $70k we spent on the little guy.
- They’re going to keep that foosball table visible in-frame and not have Spot drop the ball into play, if not fully participate in a round? Has to be a tease for the sequel video.
- Oh... Spot can jump rope now. That guy in the black puffer jacket doesn’t even care. Maybe they do this all the time and he’s bored of it?
- Okay good, someone’s paying attention.
- Like how humans watch humans on TV, Spot with an arm watches Spot with an arm on TV. With so little content available, all that’s on is that underwear pick-up show.
- Remember the chills you got when the raptors figured out how to open doors in
Jurassic Park
- Spot has new hobbies: gardening!
- And CrossFit!
- Spot has perfect bird’s-eye-view penmanship. If Tom Hanks’ character in
Cast Away
sees this Spot video, he’s looking at his Wilson ball on the shelf and saying: “We could’ve really used Spot back on the island, huh?”


The Robot Report
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Build Our Future Podcast
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. Sadly, it’s audio only so Caleb’s celebrity Zoom background dog Zeke is there only in spirit.
Construction Dorks
, a slight throwback, but watch
the full conversation
featuring newly appointed Construction Progress Coalition AEC Delegate/Member and Big-D Implementation and Adoption Manager Nichole Carter when she joined a murderers’ row panel of ConTech “dorkettes” to discuss mentorship, advocacy, technology adoption, COVID-19, and the future of construction (and they’re sippin’).
, the 2021
World’s Most Admired Companies list
. AECOM, Jacobs, and Quanta Services take the top 3 spots in construction/engineering.
Construction Dive
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7 construction industry firms
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Ad Astra
: You’ve likely already seen them in all their written-by-boardrooms-for-mass-appeal glory, but check out
the recap
of Super Bowl ads. Few remember this but the most popular ad aired the first time Tom Brady won a Super Bowl was for Alexander Graham Bell’s revolutionary telephone.
: Why Elon Musk’s
$1.5B investment in Bitcoin
may be good for him but bad for Tesla.
There’s no “i” in meme
: How Elon Musk’s (back-to-back newsletter sightings) Dogecoin tweets
could negatively affect Bitcoin
When in Rome
: “My favorite beverage is a
2,000-year-old energy drink
from Ancient Rome.”
: The
TB12/Gronk ad
that didn’t air. Remember in 2014 when a 37-year-old Brady said
he’d retire only when he sucks
? If only we'd all bought Bitcoin when The Boston Globe first started prodding TB12 for an end date.
Jassy Come Home
: How Amazon’s new CEO
could affect small businesses
: Ever wonder why your eggs still stick to non-stick pans, even with oil?
Science figured it out
I’m here live, I’m not a cat
: The screen recording of
a lawyer with a cat stuck as his Zoom filter
set the internet ablaze for good reason. In a way, we all won our 7th Super Bowl watching this one. Congrats, us.
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