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Somebody's Got A Case Of The Super Tuesdays?
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When you make the decision to throw that Clif Bar wrapper away even though you're across the room
Good morning,
It's Kryptonite Wednesday, which means it's time for another... oh, you don't know what Kryptonite Wednesday is? Let us explain.
As you're well aware by now, US Primary voting is this week for several states, and there are three important days to keep track of—
Clark Kent Monday:
Buildr's favorite day to vote. You walk in to a ghost town polling station and feel like you're doing something wrong. "Oh no, you're good. Happy Clark Kent Monday!" says the ballot worker, before directing you to an iPad that is so new, you have to remove the plastic first.
Super Tuesday:
This is the most popular day to vote. This is when you spend your lunchbreak plus an extra forty-five minutes to wait in line like it's the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land, but less fun. You get an "I Voted!" sticker and post a selfie on social media, revealing your Super Tuesday-preferring identity to the world.
Kryptonite Wednesday:
This is the day you walk into an elementary school to vote and they ask you to leave because the polls closed the night before. You borrow a child's iPad to still try and vote but get in more trouble for messing up their Minecraft world. With that important business out of the way, let's catch up on the latest news (construction and non-construction). Don't forget to send your favorite links to


Procore Values:
Been on a project where the budget was exceeded? Is the sky blue? From Procore, here are
5 ways to control cost overruns
Is your company investing in construction tech?
Accessibility for teams in the field
should always be a priority when considering software.
A joke involving the ents from Lord of the Rings:
Last week, we had mass timber news, this week we have Mass. timber news. Out of a study at UMass-Amherst,
two New England tree species
have been discovered to be very useful for CLT, which could create jobs, improve rural and forestry economies, and support better forestry management. One of the trees is being scouted by Belichick just in case Tom leaves.
Graphic Content:
Here are some
spiffy graphics
detailing how climate change is affecting construction jobs of late. Excessive heat causing railroads to buckle aside, you have to hand it to someone who knows their way around in Photoshop.
50,000 construction workers
have been laid off in Hong Kong due to coronavirus, with another 80,000 workers having their weeks cut to one or two days.
Here's a video of
the new robot construction dog in action
. It's the affordable alternative to the real deal, much like
Pranks cereal is to Trix
. "Silly fox in a mask; Pranks are for children!"

Non Construction

Lazy Boy:
In our weekly series of links that reveal universally bad things to be good in a shocking plot twist, it turns out
purposefully procrastinating can boost creativity and productivity
Get that Bread:
Panera Bread is taking a swing at being the Netflix of coffee, at
$9 monthly for unlimited coffee
. The obvious next step will be for Panera to offer small Roku-esque boxes next to your TV that spew out espresso.
iMessage in a Throttle:
Remember when your iPhone 6 Plus battery would go from 75% to 4% after one measly
Giannis highlight video
? Apple may be on the hook for $500 million for purposefully throttling their phones, which means
you may be in line to collect $25
Do you have an hour-plus commute and wish you could use that time to enhance your brain? What a very specific wish that is.
Here are 6 podcasts
that will make you smarter. Happy listening!
Zoom has already added
more users in 2020
than all of last year due to coronavirus making folks more work-phobic. Tip: For added safety, it's best to turn video mode off and go audio-only. In related news, Twitter is
the first major US company
so far to encourage its workers to work from home.
Open up, it's the Fed:
Speaking of coronavirus, pre-empting its affect on the US economy, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates for the first time since the '08 financial crisis.
Here's what it means for you
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Bon voyage!