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The Paycheck Protection Program Gets a Sequel
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This week's quarantine recommendations:
Baby Driver
on Prime Video
TV Show
The Last Dance
Cat's Cradle
by Kurt Vonnegut
Fleet Foxes
by Fleet Foxes
Food Item
: Raspberry danish
Handsoap fragrance you settle for because there's nothing left in the store
: Soapy Farms' "Pear-Picking with Nana Out Back," 8 fl oz.
Irresponsible purchase of the week
: Raspberry danish
Press "F" to pay respects
: For the home workout resistance band incident that left your lip bloodied and the next week penciled off to be spent rebuilding trust with an inanimate object.
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Mo' Money
: You may have heard that Paycheck Protection Program piggy bank got rattled for
every last one of its quarters
. Thankfully,
a new plan just passed
in the Senate for more money towards small businesses (any company with less than 500 employees) and the House will likely okay it very soon.
The Marauder's Map, but bleaker
: An AI-based tool can track jobsite activity differences since the pandemic,
revealing COVID-19's effects on every state's construction
. Among the relevant data points, 37 states saw between a 5% decline and an increase in business while just 6 states saw a decline of over 25%. Of late, links involving color-coded maps in the Buildr Newsletter have increased 7500%.
Construction Junkie posted their most
up-to-date list of resources
for contractors navigating the pandemic. Buildr's
Paycheck Protection Program guide
for the construction industry made the list.
a breakdown blog
of what was touched on in Procore's customer roundtable webinar "We're In This Together."
Study Break
: A study out of Austin, Texas found that keeping jobsites open minus safety precautions
could triple the city's hospitalizations
. Luckily, masks and 6 foot spaces exist.

Non Construction

Baby No Duh
: In perhaps the most positive news we've had in quite some time,
The Mandalorian
Season 3 is
already in the works
at Disney+ in what has to be the highest budgeted show about the day in the life of a single father. "But what about Season 2?" They fatefully wrapped production on that last month, rhetorical question.
Save The Last Dance
: If you missed it,
here's a breakdown
of the first two episodes of ESPN's Michael Jordan doc
The Last Dance
. Scottie Pippen made
how much
Here comes the zoom, ready or not
: In more data map-related content,
here's a US map graphic
you can zoom in on to see the percentage that your neck of the woods has COVID-19 symptoms.
Wondering who the largest companies to sponge up all that "small business" money were?
The list is public
Aggregated from the top-searched food item on Pinterest, here are the
Top Quarantine Recipes by country
(Spain has homemade churros while Turkey has banana bread).
Time is a flat circle
: Meant to lure frugal Android owners and people who bought the SE last time(?), Apple is introducing
a revamped iPhone SE
. Sources tell us the SE stands for "(only) Somewhat Expensive (in relation to the other iPhones)."
Over the Zoom
: Do you have the app Houseparty yet? Odds are you might, as they had
50 million downloads last month
. If group videoconferencing apps are a mullet, Zoom is business in the front while Houseparty is party in the back.
What are jeans again?
: In more Zoom rival news, Verizon
just purchased BlueJeans
for a crisp $500 million. Seems like a stretch considering nobody's worn jeans since March.
Amazon Primed (to ship soon. Seriously, any day now)
: You know how that yoga mat you bought upwards of a month ago still hasn't shipped in spite of Amazon Prime's oft-flaunted 2-day shipping? That's because Amazon is so overloaded that they're
currently figuring out how to dissuade you from buying
. Imagine being so successful that you're plotting ways to shrink your business.
Stimulus Bill
: Wondering what Bill Gates' 5 book recommendations for quarantine are? No?
Here they are anyway
Here are
9 video games that suck up the most time
because 200 hours of
Breath of the Wild
is reasonable now that
Tiger King
is over.
That's it from us. Stay safe and support your local Etsy mask-makers; glitter costs more than you'd think.
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