📉 The real reason construction lags in tech
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In this metaphor, Dr. Octopus is "the complicated nature of construction"
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But first, we should get into some ConTech news and notes.


ConTech's on the up and up (and up, and up, and up, and...)
, venture capitalist Eran Bielski blogs about
the boom of ConTech startups
, reacting to Tracxn's 90-page, $1,000-per-download (not a typo)
Construction Tech Sector Landscape Report
, and how we're still only at the tip of the iceberg. Some takeaways:
Bielski cites half the bloat of VCs funding ConTech companies has occurred in just the last 3 years.
The infamous McKinsey technology adoption chart, you know the one, hasn't been updated since 2015. Surely construction has leveled up since then (though every sector likely has too).
There's still so much opportunity for tech: "There remains a large information gap/asymmetry between what is actually happening on the site itself and what the general contractor thinks is happening, not to mention the developer who in many cases have a far less accurate perspective on the status of the site."
Office market shaken, not stirred
RE Journals
the latest look
at the COVID-induced chaos of the US office market. Office rents are 1.1% higher than a year ago, office construction has slowed (though not
slow), and office sales have kept up. With the word "remote" having its biggest year since 1950's
The Lazy Bone
made it so you didn't have to turn the TV dial anymore, it will be interesting to track how office/remote life shakes out once the dust settles.
Tech-savvy Clark Construction takes on 477,213 square foot medical project
Construction Drive
check out how
Clark Construction employs 3D modeling and laser scanning to solve challenges with their DC-based MedStar Georgetown University Hospital project set to open in 2023.
ANDRES Construction with the Buildr hat-trick: closeout, warranties, and now CRM
Construction Dive
, read about how Buildr power user (and newsletterheads) ANDRES Construction
went from project handover to project pursuit
. Much like the frog DNA in
Jurassic Park
, ANDRES DNA is forever mingled in Buildr CRM, as their feedback was integral to our CRM's development.
If you're interested in a 2-week free trial of the easiest CRM you'll ever use (and the potential to be referenced in future out-of-the-blue allusions to
Jurassic Park
) be sure to
sign up here
Spider-Man 2-ing the hypetrain of ConTech
, "disruption" isn't quite the word we should be so commonly associating with construction technology. A bit of a foil to our first Construction link,
this piece argues
that while 60% of GCs have R&D departments to evaluate new technology, adoption is rightly hesitant because margins are so tight and tech is usually the very last thing to be budgeted, much like the tumbleweed-laden "Christmas shopping" category in YNAB, a reference for the 3 of you using
"Success in construction tech will come down to proving the need for the technology, delivering immediate ROI, and ensuring workers know how to use it on the first try."
Lightning Round
: Why BIM needs
fewer, not more,
Construction Dive
: 5
built for the Tokyo Olympics.
Urban Land
The 4 technologies
helping to speed up multifamily projects.
: How
diversity, equity, and inclusion
can help combat the construction labor shortage.
The B1M
: The
$100 billion railway
in the desert.
: The National Association of Women in Construction hosts
MyWIC camp
(Mentoring Young Women in Construction) free of charge this summer for 7th-12th grade girls in the Philly area.


: Robots are getting
more polite
to offset human rudeness. Now they're picking up cigarette butts on the beach.
NBC what we did here
: Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg
recapping the Olympics
was a highlight of the week.
50 for 50
: In honor of the Bucks winning, here's Giannis
at Chick-fil A by ordering a 50-piece.
Fast ditch effort
: Japan
just broke the internet transfer record
by... quite a bit. They hit 319Tbps, which is like downloading 7,000 HD movies in one second, or downloading every episode of
The Simpsons
in one second, or downloading our newsletter—when we accidentally forgot to compress the header image—in 3 seconds.
Making it rain
: Not normally one to flaunt its excessive resources, Dubai has
experimented with drones
to provoke artificial desert rainstorms with electric charges.
Angry boreds
: Here's why scientists say
you shouldn't play phone games
to alleviate boredom. Thankfully phone games aren't PS5, so we can still look forward to that open-world
Harry Potter
game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O6Qstncpnc).
Jeffrey... Jeffrey Bezos
: Here's why billionaires are
choosing a terrible time
to leave Earth. Stop leaving Earth, billionaires!
Bubble boy
: Florida man's at it again. This time
he washed ashore
in a bubble device trying to 'walk' to New York.
Funny business
: Vulture on
Please Don't Destroy
, the most promising comedy sketch group since... Good Neighbor?
See you tonight, you know, to really bring that intro full circle,
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