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The Return Of Baseball And Bay Area Construction
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To scientists, a vaccine for the 90s remains elusive
Hi there,
Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar with Procore yesterday. We had a blast, or as much of a blast as you can have huddled in front of your computer hoping your wifi doesn't cut out and dog doesn't walk by.
Nobody could be more excited than us that
baseball is coming back
in July (okay, DraftKings, the Dodgers, and Michael Jordan's bookie might be more excited). That
deserted Orioles game from a few year ago
where you could basically hear every sunflower seed cracked and spit will be the blueprint for America's next fixation:
When baseball starts back up, people will be posting highlight reels of
. If you know this newsletter at all, you know we'll probably be those people. Baseball!
Without further adieu, here are the links (construction and non-construction). As always, send anything pertinent to


: Construction
finally reopened in the Bay Area
with new safety precautions including temperature checks prior to entering jobsites. We imagine a hot reading provoking a "He's on fire!"
soundbite except, you know, it's not good.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor's
, 975,000 construction jobs were lost in April alone.
$uper Bowl
: There's at least
$1 billion worth of construction
across 7 projects that are under pressure to be completed in Florida prior to the tourism and media frenzy that will be the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay in February, 2021. That's right, Tom Brady will play in his first home game Super Bowl.
Survey Says
: The Associated General Contractors of America released the latest edition of their
coronavirus survey
. Some statistics: of those surveyed, 48% had a project halted during April, 55% received (and are using) Paycheck Protection Program funds, and 57% reported winning money off Michael Jordan in that
throw-your-coin-against-the-wall game
The Last Dance
We announced last week that construction returned to Pennsylvania and the governor has since
released a set of policies and precautions
that will surely be emulated by more states as they reopen. They include limiting groups to 10 or less, even outside, and clarifying that dressing as Green Man from
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
doesn't count as a proper mask.
For whoever needs to hear this
: Harrison Ford, George Clooney and
13 other celebrities have backgrounds in construction
. The acting bug is no stranger to biting folks in our industry.

Non Construction

We emphasized Costco's wine pops last week, and let us further exclaim that Costco has
massive bottles of pre-mixed margarita mix
for $8.49! We've been doing quarantine all wrong.
If you've lost sleep over murder hornets, don't worry. Murder hornets thoughtfully limit their murdering to honeybees (the erratic sleeping patterns of honeybees press on—sorry honeybees) and humans' true insect villain
remains the mosquito
Want to support the local businesses in your neighborhood that need it most? Facebook and Instagram
are introducing some features
that'll help you do just that, as well as track those businesses' updates during the crisis.
Lime Drop
: Due to scooter company Lime's 79% valuation drop,
they're being absorbed by Uber
. Yes, Corona and Lime are two companies hit hardest by COVID-19. We'll be taking joke applications for this one.
Here are
8 tips
to beat distractions while working from home. The header image consists of a cat blocking a guy's view of his laptop, so be sure to read on to find out how he could possibly get out of that pickle.
Job Posting
: In an effort to defeat Tiger King in the battle for marketing department promotions during quarantine,
Animal Crossing
is in the news again as mercenary interior designers
can make $50 an hour
now. Just think: after an hour, you could afford
Animal Crossing
As if to counter
our dig at gardening
in last week's power rankings of Acceptable Outdoor Activities in California,
new research
suggests that gardening produces physical and psychological benefits. Does gardening in
Animal Crossing
30% Fun
: Here's
a peek
at the newly reopened Shanghai Disneyland. Masks are required, there's a 30% patron capacity, and there are no parades or taking pictures with characters allowed. A truly nightmarish dystopia, sure, but not so bad when you pretend it's "Tim Burtonland."
Ever wonder what animals would get the drunkest? Elephants, guinea pigs and armadillos,
according to science
. Don't tell these animals about the Costco wine pops or margarita mix.
Cruise Control
: No one's taking social distancing more seriously than Tom Cruise, who will reportedly
shoot his next movie in space
because green screens just aren't cutting it anymore.
That's all for this week. If you don't mind, we're going to go back to making fun of people's 90s haircuts in
The Last Dance
before catching a glimpse of ourselves in the reflection of the screen and remembering we haven't had a haircut since March.
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