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We hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day weekend-shortened week.
You haven't seen us lately because we've been galavanting around town in a post-Covid spree of hesitant handshakes, underpriced NBA playoff tickets, hearty guffaws inside restaurants, general Zoomlessness, and ending our yearlong
cosplay (Alexa, play "Mask Off" by Future).
But we're back and better than ever with some exciting news and notes from around the industry. Let's get into it—
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But first...
Free Trial Alert: Buildr CRM
If you haven't heard, we built a construction-centric CRM because our GC partners were asking us for a simple system for managing their relationships. A "Salesforce for construction," if you will.
Exclusive to Buildr Newsletter readers
: if you'd like to try out what one of our partners called "the cleanest, easiest-to-use, and construction-friendly CRM in existence," reply to this email or
grab a demo slot here
. Say the newsletter brought you here for 14-day free trial (very limited trials available).


Reign, Reign Go Away: Turner leapfrogs Bechtel for ENR crown
Massive shoutout to Buildr partner
Turner Construction
who has overtaken the 20+ year reign of Bechtel to lead
ENR's Top 400 for 2021
. In the past we've compared Bechtel to MJ, so it's only fair to call Turner the LeBron of GCs.
NYSE-ly Done, Tooey and Friends: Procore IPO debut
At long last, the
became a reality
and we've got 💎 hands (obligatory "this is not financial advice" heads up).
Buildr's co-founders are formerly Procore (and ~71% of the Buildr staff is formerly Procore), thus we liken ourselves as the
to Procore's
. If there's a more contemporary non-Gen-Z-alienating TV show parallel, we're all ears. Anyway, we couldn't be more proud of our partnership with Procore and we're excited for where the construction industry is headed.
Construction Dive's
on why the COVID-induced delay for Procore's IPO may have been a blessing in disguise, much like Olivia Rodrigo's heartache-laden dating history
Gen Z has reentered the chat
Christmas in July: Come meet Buildr at ACA Conference
Are you interested in data-driven decision making? Does sharing best practices for data collecting and applying learnings from reporting with other CIO and IT folks sound enthralling? Are you starved for human interaction that doesn't involve Zoom windows?
Well we've got fantastic news: the 3rd annual
Advancing Construction Analytics
conference is happening on July 19-21 in Denver, CO. Be sure to register with our code "SPN20" to get
20% off your ticket price here
We're excited to see the non-digital version of you there!
Check out
3 opinions
from industry insiders regarding the importance of post-pandemic in-person conferences: "When a company has compelling content, a virtual format can certainly be an effective way to present it. The real challenge for a virtual format, however, is to replicate the give-and-take dialogue and the collective industry experience of in-person events."
Swiss Army Knife of Construction: Baubot the Robot is unveiled
Construction Junkie
gives a sneak peek into the new jobsite 'bot that can do it all. From 3D concrete printing to sanding to bricklaying—this thing could probably walk Spot after its first update. Click through to
see a video
of the 8-hours-on-a-single-charge Baubot in action.
Lightning Round
Construction Executive
: The role of
in construction.
Construction Dive
: Professor says robots are "not close" to
replacing humans
: The
new site redesign
is 🔥
Construction Manager
: Cement batteries =
rechargeable buildings
The B1M
: What
went wrong
with California's high speed railway.
Virginia Tech
: Spot the robot construction dog
goes to college


: Hoping Elon Musk can upend Spectrum's monopolized Internet service that includes 2 full-day outages a week and an endless string of sales calls to upsell you on cable packages because you accidentally told them you watch
? Well you'll have to wait a little longer because Starlink, at the moment, is
"foiled by even the merest suggestion of trees."
Ford v Tesla
: With Ford introducing their electric truck, the inevitable
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 Lightning Pro
comparison articles pre-booked space in this newsletter. We'll gladly sign a
Ford v Ferrari
sequel petition if one presents itself.
National Lampoon's Vacation
: Thinking about taking some time off to stretch your legs after being cooped up in your house for a year? You really should. Here's
an article
on breaching the subject with your boss, when the time is right to ask, and just how much is the right amount to take off.
Inc'd In
: Inc. published their annual
Best Workplaces
list, a highly coveted group of companies that put their employees first. Congrats to our partner
for making the list.
Block party
: Sick of robo-calls? Here are
4 ways
to stop them for good.
Get Back (to the theaters)
: Here are
all the upcoming flicks
(many of which were pushed from last year) to wet your whistle. We're most excited about
No Time to Die
The Beatles: Get Back
, and of course
Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Movie
: Speaking of movies, we really have to stand up (away?) from our standing desks and give Marvel a round of applause for dropping
a mega-trailer for 19 (rough estimate) movies
. This will surely give us superhero/GC comparison fodder for 2022, 2023, and most of 2024.
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