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🏀 Why Bechtel is the Michael Jordan of contractors
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When you notice "Uncut Gems" was newly added to Netflix
Hey there,
All signs are pointing to a triumphant return to real life—
Newly built home-buying rose 1% in April in spite of a projected 22% decline
We're up to 39 states with zero construction restrictions whatsoever
The Dow rose another 300%
The NBA is hurriedly setting up the infrastructure to finish off the season
Sensing that their time in the spotlight is waning, children wandering into the background of your Zoom call rose 750% this week
With luck, the worst is behind us. We'll soon be compiling Power Rankings of our favorite aspects of
; those things we needed most during this strange period of time where we didn't have to come up with excuses to bail on plans. Reply to this email and let us know your favorite shows, spontaneous Amazon purchases, and boredom recipes you had no idea you were capable of.
Now let's get to some links (construction and non-construction).


Passing the Bechtel Test
: ENR previewed their
Top 400 Contractors of the Year
for 2020, listed by revenue. To nobody's surprise, Bechtel won again. At this rate, Bechtel will get bored of construction and try its hand at minor league baseball.
With things slowly but surely getting back to normal,
some industry giants weigh in
on what that new normal looks like: “Productivity is going to go down for sure, and it’s no one’s fault, it’s just going to be reality.”
The Now is 5G
: China's 10GB-per-second 5G-powered construction site is
officially active in Beijing
. There are AI glasses and heart monitors-a-plenty, as well as a bunch of other gear that could easily double as props in
Minority Report
Gimme the recruit, gimme the recruit
: Prior to COVID-19, there was an industry-wide scramble to fill open positions. As we ramp up to Post-COVID-19, that scramble will inevitably return with some extra oomph (some cayenne pepper in the scramble, if you will). Here are
some reasons
why a careful eye on recruitment is key for a successful transition back.
How long will it take construction to fully recover
from the coronavirus? According to Associated Builders and Contractors chief economist Anirban Basu: “It will be the shortest recession in history." So... not long, apparently!
: The digital twin market is
expected to balloon
from $3.8 billion to a $35.8 billion by 2025. Read up on some
intel and analysis
on the construction phenomenon that the Winklevoss twins are slapping their foreheads that they didn't come up with.

Non Construction

from the weekend's entertaining golf charity event for the ages: Tiger & Peyton vs. Phil & TB12. Some wild birdies were made, trousers were split, and laughs were had by all (keep giving us sports, we'll take anything).
Ex-Monstar and
The Last Dance
alum Patrick Ewing
returned home
after being hospitalized for COVID-19. Best wishes to the Hoya Destroya.
Hoop Dreams
: In this week's "please let this happen" news, the NBA
may be returning
in late July with all playoff games taking place on one campus in Florida in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. We're reading between the lines a bit here, but it certainly sounds like Michael Jordan coerced Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and the gang to team up with Giannis to stop Lebron's 4th ring from happening (that's back-to-back
Space Jam
references for anyone who took the over on 1.5
Space Jam
references this newsletter).
A reminder to give treats to your frontline workers
: A beer delivery service consisting of two dogs exists and
yes, there are pictures
Get your mind out of declutter
: If you're anything like us, you're finding ways to be micro-productive and enjoy reading listicles on how to be micro-productive.
Here are 5 apps
that'll help you declutter like a champ.
If you've downloaded the new iOS 13.5, your phone
will now help you figure out
if you've been in contact with someone with COVID-19 (toggle Exposure Logging on).
The next
movie is
somehow back in production
before seemingly every other movie. Perhaps those blue cats have immunity?
In Amazon's latest efforts to slow down its own business,
it's moving Prime Day
to September. If you're still waiting on that yoga mat that was ordered with free 2-day shipping in late March, welcome to the tight hammy club.
WFH... F
: The list of notable companies
instituting or implying remote-forever work
continues to grow as the definition of "morning commute" gradually morphs into "the barefoot saunter to the 12-cup Mr. Coffee."
Gordon Ramsay's YouTube Channel has been nothing short of a quarantine delight. Here he is making some
quick & simple breakfast recipes
including edge-buttered hashbrowns.
Roman Numeral Holiday
: Grimes and Elon Musk changed their
baby's name
to something a little more normal. The indecipherable "X Æ A-12" will henceforth be known as the much more palatable "X Æ A-Xii."
That's it from us this week. Just kidding, one more link: For those of us who binged through
Mad Men
during quarantine, or have ever watched the show in its entirety (there will be minor spoilers), Vulture had an incredible write-up this week on a pop culture staple and its evergreen commentary on our trying times:
On Watching
Mad Men
in the Middle of a Pandemic.
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