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Why Boston shut down all construction projects
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When this is the least weird thing that happened this week, you know it's been a weird week.
Hello all,
Welcome to the Buildr Newsletter where our time-killer links have been promoting social distancing since before it was c̶o̶o̶l̶ urgently recommended.
Last week, you may remember us announcing our March Madness Bracket contest, making a joke that the then-proposed audienceless games would feel like watching pickup games at LA Fitness. Now, March Madness isn't happening at all and every LA Fitness in America is closed indefinitely. What a week! Thank you to everyone who signed up; please schedule a reminder in your iCals for a year from now when we try this again.
Time to get into the links (construction and non-construction). Don't forget to send your best content to


Boston Calling (it):
Tom Brady leaving the Pats wasn't the only thing rocking Boston on Tuesday. The
mayor shut down all construction
in the city, making it the first American city to do so.
London Calling (it; possibly):
Across the pond, Build UK and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) warn that the UK construction industry
is about to be similarly rocked
by COVID-19.
From the CDC,
is what all construction employers should know and promote should you still find yourself on-site or in-office.
There was a webinar yesterday entitled "The War Room: A Construction Disaster Preparedness Panel," which covers everything from tips on working remotely to learning from the past. You could either listen to the
hour-long recording
or catch up on
the key takeaways in bullet form
if you're pressed for time.
season 2 isn't going to watch itself after all.
Majeure the Force Be With You:
Building on last week's force majeure information,
here are more details
on the "act of god" clause in construction contracts that will surely be discussed at length in the coming weeks and months.

Non Construction

In overwhelming times like these, it's sometimes best to put your energy into helping the less fortunate. One way is to
assist in mutual aid
so people whose health limits their ability to get food and medicine don't have to subject themselves to shopping next to potentially asymptomatic carriers.
Literal March Madness:
In case you're a few days into self-quarantining and wondering how you'll make it another 14+ days without getting cabin fever,
a psychologist offers some strategies
Here are 6 Don'ts
from someone who's an expert at working from home, seeing as they've been doing it for the last 10 years. Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule likely applies here, so we trust them.
here are 3 Do's
from another stay-at-home guru.
How do teachers do this?:
Self-quarantining with the addition of kids
requires some separate advice
, apart from the innate ability to invent sports and watch
for 15 hours every day.
28 Days Later:
With most gyms shutting their doors and going for jogs feels like being the protagonist of a zombie film, here is a
list of some free trials for home workout classes
. Don't forget to cancel before the trial's over (unless you've formed a bond with the class that compels you to monetarily oblige)!
Free 99:
If you're the type to forget about cancelling trials,
here's a forever-free home workout plan
by Jeff Cavaliere, a notorious YouTube Fitness Fella™ with muscles that imply, again, the trustworthy Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hour rule.
Wondering what to stock up on once you've completed the day's journey that is the line to enter Costco?
Here are foods that 3 nutritionists recommend
for healthy, flavorful meals during quarantine.
Quarantine Legend:
This week, musicians have been graciously performing impromptu concerts in their homes to help us pass the time. In case you missed it, check out
Part 1
Part 2
of John Legend's Instagram Live show as he's joined by a toweled Chrissy Teigen sitting on his piano.
TB chose... TB?:
In an effort to singlehandedly bolster the otherwise tumbleweed-laden sports news landscape, Tom Brady chose to continue his mythic career with the... Tampa Bay Buccaneers??
Here are some reasons
why it's not
Did you finish
season 2 and you're looking for streaming recommendations?
Here are some really good ones
if you have HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, or Kanopy.
rare uplifting coronavirus news
, some Italian guys used a 3D printer to make $11,000 respirator valves for only $1 to be used at a hospital that was running out of them. Let's skate past the fact that a valve company wants to sue them and just focus on the positives.
Proceed to Checkout:
We're guessing there's a correlation between your Amazon wishlist getting progressively accomplished and your working-from-home. Here are
some tips to stay cleanly
when receiving packages and deliveries.
That's all for now. As we move through this week and more news develops, rest assured that we'll be here to provide updates and attempts (with varying degrees of success) at lightening the mood. While the team at Buildr takes the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, we also strive to make this newsletter something that improves your day, even if it's just by a single percentage point.
As we said in our email to our customers yesterday, at the risk of sounding like we're in an 80s sports movie —we're all in this together.
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Stay safe, stay happy, stay optimistic.