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Why Construction Hasn't Ceased Yet In California And New York
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Going on walks is the new Disney World of our times
Kick your shoes off. Put your feet up. This is a happy place. It's the Buildr Newsletter.
We get it. This last week, your coworkers have been, on average, a 7-year-old child and a 7-year-old dog, both of whom never drop eye contact. You finished
Tiger King
in less sittings than you'd care to admit. You're not sure if it's Sunday or Wednesday (candidly, we only knew it was Wednesday because of a phone alarm we set).
You rewatched
because you couldn't remember if it was good or not, and it's relevant. You said "Wow, I definitely didn't realize how stacked this cast was," about 8 minutes into
. You bought an exercise mat on Amazon so you can stop sweating on the carpet. You hugged your most prized possession, toilet paper, and wondered when all this would be over.
We're with you. We're linked arm and arm in the shallows of the beach in the strange hazing ritual that is this... whatever this is.
At least there's the internet. Could you imagine if it was like 1988 and we had to go through this? Yikes.
Now let's click on some links (construction and non-construction). Don't forget to send your links to


Just Keep Swimming:
Since Boston's construction freeze last week, California, New York, and Illinois have gone into "essentials only" lockdown,
while their construction industries remain active
for now. Much of the reasoning has to do with a lack of universal clarity on what is deemed "essential" work.
Here is
a helpful list of resources
to help contractors navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Among them are links to free remote co-working tech, free legal advice, a free Procore webinar on March 26 entitled "We're in this together," and places to track the latest regulation changes around the country (as things are changing constantly).
You Don't Mess with the Wuhan:
As hospitals quickly fill and leaders like Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren are demanding immediate hospital additions, we're reminded of a newsletter classic,
that time Wuhan built a 645,000 square foot hospital in 10 days
The calm before the storm is, in itself, a storm:
COVID-19 is affecting every industry, but
here is an in-depth look
into Tampa Bay's construction and real estate industry getting hit like "an economic hurricane," that mirrors the country's construction situation at large. The usual suspects include supply chain interruption, not knowing what the world looks like in two weeks, and hesitant spenders (if any of those sound familiar).
We out here:
Not everyone's job has the blessing of translating to home. Here are
some coronavirus considerations
if you're still an active member of a jobsite.
the Procore blog
, "Construction Through a Pandemic: Connectivity and the Way Forward."

Non Construction

Cabin Fever:
During the first week of quarantine, Caleb (one of Buildr's co-founders) was peer pressured by his wife Paige's Instagram audience (and their wallets) to jump into an ice cold lake (the money went to their daughter's physical therapy bills).
Here's the video
in case you missed it.
Ever since
The Wire
Mad Men
, and
Breaking Bad
ended, we may not be living in the golden age of TV anymore. But we're certainly in the golden age of
TV (there's a slight difference).
are every streaming services' free trials and how to try them (Amazon Prime's = 30 days).
In honor of
The Office
's (remember those? Offices?) 15th anniversary,
here are the top 50 episodes
ranked by The Ringer.
The Wind-Up Nerd Chronicle:
Also from The Ringer,
a bunch of book recommendations
since you're social distancing and already finished
Tiger King
. This isn't a joke: we were going to make a smarmy dig that the list-makers forgot Haruki Murakami's exquisite, Buildr-approved
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
, as if not including this rarely mentioned surrealist novel from 1994 was a massive blunder. And wouldn't you know, they end the list with it. Guess you'll just have to read it.
Pass the remote:
Has your remote worklife somehow been more stressful? Much like your surroundings, management needs to shift.
Here are some tips
to avoid burnout so your dog doesn't think it's his fault.
Quarantine Hero:
A minor blessing amongst all this isolation has been artists taking it upon themselves to entertain us. Here is the full recording of James Blake's
masterful hour-plus performance
complete with Frank Ocean/Billie Eilish/Radiohead covers, and random Jameela Jamil applauses in the background.
John Mayer, another quarantine hero,
the "Imagine" assignment by Gal Gadot and thought she meant that he sing "Imagine" by Ariana Grande. If you entirely missed the Gal Gadot "Imagine" video that went around,
thank your lucky stars
Building on last week's childcare link,
here are more methods to successfully teach your kid
while you're both stuck at home. We salute those that have been thrust into the role of teachers. Method not included: buy them
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Seeing as your daily home-cooking has skyrocketed 100-200%, Delish
tried and ranked all of Trader Joe's frozen meals
so you can walk down that aisle a little more surefootedly.
Maybe open this one in an incognito window and turn your brightness down. Here's
an isolation principles article
entitled "How to Not Completely Hate the People You're Quarantined With."
The answers
to some of the most burning
Tiger King
That's it this week. Stay tuned next time for more links and a strange appreciation for another phone alarm to remind us it is indeed Wednesday.
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