🇺🇸 Why McCarthy Is The Captain America Of Contractors
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Your neighbors that take social distancing to a whole new level
We try to tell jokes in the Buildr Newsletter because the world can be a bleak one (and newsletters, by nature, tend to have the personalities of doorknobs). We write the type of newsletter we'd enjoy reading, which explains why you're inundated every Wednesday morning with robot dog personifications, NBA hot takes and references to
Uncut Gems
It'd be easy not to mention George Floyd in this newsletter to "keep things light," but it wouldn't be honest.
Nobody knows what a year from now looks like, let alone tomorrow. But no matter who you are, we all want there to be a tomorrow. the team at Buildr stands in solidarity with the Black community in the face of prolonged systematic racism and we mourn the murder of George Floyd—the latest name on a very long list.
Whether you've seen this week's events unfold on your phone or TV, or witnessed them firsthand, nothing feels real. The hope, of course, is that years from now, we'll look back and ask each other "How was that real?" Picket signs, fires, sirens, crying, looting opportunists, curfews, face masks, racism—the optimist in us believes these things become relics. Because if our future selves are shocked by rewatching what we see on the news tonight, it means things got better.


Coming up NEXT
: Construction's equivalent of The Avengers has formed. Black & Veatch, DPR Construction, Haskell, and McCarthy Building Companies
have teamed up to form "The NEXT Coalition"
to promote and share industry best practices in light of COVID-19. McCarthy being over 150 years old obviously makes them the Captain America of the group.
PPP (pretty, pretty please)
: Here's an explanation on the
new CARES Act amendment proposed by the House
and how it would affect the Paycheck Protection Program for small business contractors. Highlights include a 2 year repayment extending to 5 years and a "covered period" extending from 8 weeks to 24 weeks.
As a WFH-leaning construction industry relies more and more on the virtual, take a look at some
cybersecurity best practices
to help avoid the evil plotting of 12-year-old hackers and hoards of Agent Smiths.
Be sure to check out Equipment World's series
The Dirt
for the lowdown on the newest construction equipment, top stories in construction, and interviews with industry experts. Episode 2 dives into the latest on contractors' plight against coronavirus, John Deere's new bulldozer, and Project Minotaur.
Procore Values
: From the Procore blog, here are
some reasons why Excel is dangerous for your business

Non Construction

Pigeoner of War
: India arrested a pigeon and
it's currently being held in captivity
as a possible spy. The article starts with "A suspected Pakistani spy has ruffled the feathers of Indian authorities," which we readily admit we can't top.
: The NBA is aiming to return Disney-style on July 31
with an all-important playoff format vote
occurring Thursday, June 4th. We defer to their decisions, we just want our summers to ring with the high-pitched music of squeaking sneakers again.
Elon way from home
: SpaceX
successfully launched their first crew into orbit
, reminding us all that we're just one tiny speck amongst trillions of tiny specks and that this might have something to do with Elon Musk trying to find Grimes' home planet.
The world's most popular selling commodity of 2020 is (drumroll)
orange juice
. Makes sense; Vitamin C helps immune systems and
OJ: Made in America
was really good.
Stress equals more
: According to science,
stress directly affects physical health
meaning mental health is synonymous with... health. Aside from the ironic fact that reading this article could cause stress, isn't it nice knowing that your physical health has benefitted from all the hours you sank into
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
during quarantine?
Dollars and sense
: You may have heard about
the Princeton study
that found diminishing returns of happiness after a salary exceeding $75k. Here are some surely inflation-adjusted insights into
$105k being the new ideal mental health salary
; "Sorry boss, I have to deny your raise—didn't you hear my happiness levels would plummet?"
Here's what's
coming to and leaving
Netflix this month. We sadly lose
Mad Men
forever next week, but we get the final season of
on June 27th so the universe evens itself out.
That's all this week. If you're unable to protest, here are
some alternatives to helping a just cause
. Additionally, you can donate to Black Lives Matter
and Campaign Zero
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Stay safe and let's look forward to tomorrow.