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🍩 Why Springfield is the best city for construction workers
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Allegiant Stadium news, the leaning tower of San Francisco, avocado clothing(!), and Hummer's answer to Cybertruck's "the popular kid" attention—there's plenty to unpack in today's newsletter, so let's get to it—


KTNV Las Vegas
, the much-ballyhooed construction of Allegiant Stadium is
for the most part complete
. July 31, 2020 was the targeted substantial completion date, but it passed without any of the aforementioned ballyhoo-ism.
The much-publicized project by Mortenson | McCarthy cost $2 billion. With the NFL season still hanging in the balance, the facility's practical use hangs as well.
The NFL preseason has already been cancelled, meaning games that would have been played this week are pushed off for at least another month. The Arizona Cardinals are the only team to cancel regular season ticket purchasing thus far.
We've been tracking the 2.5 year, 5 million work hour construction of the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders, and it's been hard not to with
the Mike Rowe-fronted YouTube series
According to a report by
(American Road & Transportation Builders Association), the impact of COVID-19 on state and local transportation has surpassed $9.04 billion in delays or cancellations.
Delay and cancellation data from states include: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
At least 39 states have projected a decline in transportation revenue.
With tightening local government budgets and decreased private sector work, infrastructure work is at a historical low.
For a full state-by-state breakdown of delays and cancellations, check out
ARTBA's report
studied conditions in 383 cities and put together
a list of the best cities for construction workers
based on average salary, amount of available jobs, and cost of living in each city.
There are three separate lists based on population. The top 10 large cities (500k+ population) for construction workers are—
Stockton, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Spokane, WA
Baton Rouge, LA
Madison, WI
Syracuse, NY
Augusta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Riverside, CA
Seattle, WA
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a construction worker nationwide (there are 1,020,350 workers in total), is $41,730.
The best mid-sized city (150k-500k population) was awarded to Springfield, IL, with an average salary of $52,520 and a cost of living 12% below the national average. We offer a "Woo-hoo!" for Springfield in an almost-there Homer Simpson timbre where you understand who the impression is meant to mimic, but there's definitely some room for improvement.
Curiously missing from these lists is your hometown where your DIY neighbor has been hammering away in their backyard, reconstructing their back patio for the last 11 years. Now
is job security.
It's no surprise that Los Angeles, CA is missing from the big city list, as we can affirm firsthand that cost of living is somewhere between "a lot" and the infinite symbol.
Construction Dive
a helpful guide
to the pros and cons (and definitions) of construction manager delivery methods, pitting CMc vs. CM/GC vs. CMa in an acronym showdown to end all acronym showdowns.
Construction Junkie
reported that after being identified as sinking 4 years ago, San Francisco's Millennium Tower
will finally be fixed
The 58-floor $350 million condominium had sunk 18 inches and leaned 4 inches as of 2016. Putting this off till now is the construction equivalent of when you have a slipped vertebra but put off going to the chiropractor because it doesn't hurt "that bad," and Tylenol exists.
, here is a blog post on the
6 ways to get the projects you want
, offering marketing strategies to position one's construction company to land the most savory jobs.
A sound lead response system, including catering to leads that may not appear in your direct profile crosshairs, is important because you can never assume where valuable connections will and won't stem from.
The "covering-your-tracks" first step, unmentioned in this article, is going back and deleting your tweets from 2003 where you complained about characters not using those giant eagles sooner in
Lord of the Rings
to get to the top of the mountain. You never know what people will dig up (construction pun quota reached), and it could affect your ability to land projects (side note: introducing giant eagles sooner means we wouldn't have gotten Helm's Deep).


17 again
: In a story that continues to sound more like a movie than real life with each passing day, the Twitter breach that hacked the accounts of the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (among many more) were caught and
the lead mastermind is 17-years old
: Giving away
for free must not have worked for Disney+ as the streamer
will charge $30
(slightly more than $0) for September 4's release of
TikTok to me
: The
on the increasingly-bizarre-by-the-day story on Microsoft possibly purchasing TikTok. The deal has 45 days to get done and a substantial amount of money has to go towards the US Treasury for the US to sign off on it.
Sit Stay Love
A fascinating study
on talking to dogs and how dog brains process verbals similar to human brains. Tone matters, and young dogs have a more absorbent vocabulary than older ones.
: Here's a
fascinating infograph
where you input your D.O.B. and physical data and receive an extensive "ingredient" breakdown of your body with interesting tidbits like how much data (in MB) is stored in your DNA.
Hum & Hummer
: As if to answer our calling out Cybertruck as the new Hummer in last week's newsletter, GMC released a Lebron James-approved teaser trailer for the
1,000-hp Hummer EV
to be released in Fall 2021.
The trend of an era
: Here's an
animated video map
of the United States showing the fluctuating top Google searches for each state everyday over the last 10 years. Our favorite day is probably December 7, 2019.
Covert to Overt
: The Pentagon claims it will now share
UFO intelligence
with the general public. We'll take whatever we can get.
: Chipotle is
repurposing the avocado pits
from their guac to make a new clothing and accessory line. Prior to this, we only wore Chipotle when we didn't carefully eat over the tray.
By now, you're likely well aware of the
tragic explosion in Beirut
yesterday. If you'd like to help in some way, you can donate to the
Lebanese Red Cross
Impact Lebanon
Take care, and we'll see you next week for more news and notes.