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🧛 Why Windover Construction Is The Dr. Strange Of Contractors
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Good morning,
As restrictions lift, so can we—the gym's are open! But... it's crowded in there, and we're sort of used to being inside, repeatedly refreshing the order page to see if our new resistance band has shipped yet. Oh. It still hasn't shipped—the "resistance" must represent the product's stubborn opposition to Amazon's fast delivery promises. How many calories does clicking burn?
Well, that was just the warm-up, it's time for the full clicking workout—the Buildr Newsletter. Enjoy some links (construction and non-construction), but don't forget to hydrate!


How much is that doggy in the window?
: $74,500. After plenty of hype and numerous newsletter shoutouts, Boston Dynamics' robot construction dog is
finally on sale
. If you want a nifty way to create 3D maps of sites, locate machine deficiencies in oil rigs, or just want to pet one of the pricier breeds of dog—Spot comes ready to operate right out of the box.
Truss Fall
: Buildr partner Windover Construction
figured out a way
to combine 3D modeling with prefabrication and AR to dramatically increase the time it takes to build and install trusses—935 trusses were designed, manufactured
delivered in three days(!) for a $32 million project, saving approximately $90,000. We're waiting on word whether the trusses have that mystical gold tint of the shapes that Dr. Strange creates out of thin air. Either way, we're impressed.
: SBA disaster loans and emergency grants are back. Here's [everything you need to know] ( if you're a small construction business, including what the loans can be used for, the amount that doesn't need to be paid back, interest rates, and how to apply.
: Here are some
additional financial options
for contractors aside from SBA loans and PPP, including the Main Street Lending Program and tax relief strategies.
Contractor Mag's "
The Rise of the Digital Plumber
," is not fan-fiction about Mario's rise to Mushroom Kingdom prominence but instead sheds light on a handful of small, actionable strategies contractors can execute with just their phone that'll pay massive dividends, ie. "soft fixing."
Timelapse of Judgement
: The freestanding westbound arch of the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge was recently completed and thankfully, there's a
timelapse video
. The $1.2 billion project started back in 2017 and connects Illinois and Iowa. The eastbound bridge is on schedule to finish by 2022, coinciding with when our resistance band will arrive in the mail.

Non Construction

Reel talk
: The action-packed end of July that looms over the horizon promises not just the return of the NBA, but also the movie that has been prophesied to usher in the return of movies—
. The
trailer for
makes it look like
crossed with, well, several other Christopher Nolan movies. Movies!!!
A Scammer Darkly
: The trillions of dollars that were pumped into the economy leaves a visible scent that scammers involuntarily float in the air towards (we haven't featured a
Looney Tunes
visual allusion in quite some time). Check out
which states have been hit hardest
by scammers taking advantage of COVID-19 and steps to make sure you're not in the crosshairs of a falling scammer anvil that whistles as it falls.
Every book on the New York Times non-fiction top 10 list reflects our current state.
Check it out
for activism and race relation reading list ideas, including Ta-Nehisi Coates' harrowing
Between the World and Me
: Our economy took a hit from the quarantine-era, but nowhere near as much as our lower backs did (an exaggeration, but only a slight one). Here are
some tips from a chiropractor
to circumvent WFH-induced spine soreness.
Killer tofu
: Similar to Drew Bledsoe going down in 2001 and Tom Brady stepping up,
tofu has taken meat's place
amidst meat's coronavirus-induced supply chain issues. Is Tom Brady allowed to eat tofu? If you start typing this question into Google, it'll auto-populate: "probably not" on the word "allowed."
Here are the
100 best shows
you can watch right now on Hulu, including
, and (of course we wouldn't mention Hulu without also mentioning the Buildr Newsletter staple)
Baby Yoda Pancake Cereal
is a thing. The Baby Yoda black hole engulfing us all leading to Earth's inevitable renaming to "Baby Yoda Earth" will all be worth it if we get even one more season of
The Mandalorian
as good as the first one.
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