Project closeout

Project closeout so easy, it's almost fun.

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Automatically collect documents.
Track progress across all of your jobs.
Integrate with industry leaders.
Create a modern turnover experience.
XL Construction using Buildr
XL Construction
Buildr customer
Document collection
Your closeout documents, collected automatically.
Buildr does the work for you when it comes to collecting your closeout documents.
You'll have everything you need by substantial completion.
Track closeout progress across every job.
Get visibility into each project. Gain confidence that your jobs won't be delayed due to closeout.
XL Construction using Buildr
McCarthy Building Companies
Buildr customer
“Closeout time was cut in half, and we haven't received a single call from the maintenance crew looking for documents. Closeout was almost fun to do. Buildr is a lifesaver.”
Maggie Archer
Project Engineer
McCarthy Building Companies
Modern project delivery
Deliver your project at the click of a button.
Hand over more than just a stack of binders. Deliver a remote control to your completed project.
Project documents are now accessible from anywhere.
XL Construction using Buildr
“Buildr has created a product that simplifies the closeout process and allows us to deliver to our clients without the significant time commitment.”
Ryan Cleverdon
Project Engineer
Turner Construction
Customer success
Real support from real people.
Support from industry professionals who care about your success.
Buildr customer success team
Buildr customer support
Irvine, CA
The post-construction platform
Closeout is just the beginning.
That's why we created the
post-construction platform
- one place for drawings, O&Ms, warranties, and everything else needed to keep your facility maintained for years to come.
How it works
Streamlined closeout
Impressive turnover
Warranty management
Best-in-class integrations
Knowledgeable support
Powerful reporting
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Drives client retention
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